When I surveyed readers, one of the tops subjects women wanted help in was simplifying their lives. Here is a simple post to help you make some progress fast!

10 quick ways to simplify life

1. Turn off notifications. You do not need an email every time someone tweets you. Or follows you. You do not need an email every time someone mentions you on Facebook. Decide the things that ARE important for you to know, and turn off the other notifications!

2. Close email, twitter and facebook. When working on a project, close your social media windows. They constantly distract you from what you are doing. Focus on the issue at hand.

3. Institute the clean as you go plan. Clean up and put away things as you go and teach your children to do the same. And your spouse, if he is trainable! πŸ™‚

4. Process bookbags and school papers as soon as kids get home. Sign papers, get homework done, and get everything back in the bookbags and bags in place ready for the next day.

5. Get ruthless about throwing stuff away, and teach your kids to do so as well. Also be ruthless about what you let in the house in the first place.

6. Reduce the amount of toys your child has access to. Today’s kids have way too many toys, however, if you are not ready to reduce them yet, at least pack some away and rotate. Also, things that have little pieces, don’t let them have open access to those. Only when they have cleaned up everything else can they play with those. And they must put away as soon as they are done.

7. Reduce the number of clothes your children have (and you!) This can totally change the status of their closets, floors and your laundry. For the better.

8. Create a schedule for your kids and work to keep them on it, including a decent bedtime.

9. Turn your computer off an hour earlier and GO to bed yourself. A simpler life includes taking better care of you!

10. Keep ingredients for a few off the shelf easy meals in your pantry. Also consider meal-planning.
Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat