As moms, we spend most of our time taking care of everyone else, whether it is in the boardroom, the bathroom or the bedroom. While I encourage you to take time on a regular basis for yourself, I also encourage you to treat yourself with some little things on a regular basis that will lift your mood and possibly relieve some pent-up stress.

10 guilty pleasures for mom

I have listed some things below to get your mind thinking on these and other possibilities.

1. I love scented candles! I love to change scents for the seasons. Loving the fall scents right now! Plus, I like to have a lavender scent in my bedroom to help with sleep.



2. I have drank hot coffee for years. Recently though, I learned that I loved iced coffee! I have learned to make some iced coffee at home, but I also like to keep the Starbucks instant iced as well, and it is cheaper than going in to Starbucks!



3. I have a love of flowers, but have never been successful actually growing any. My husband buys me flowers a couple of times a month, such a sweetie! We found that the flower Astramaris (below, comes in multiple colors), when bought cut from the store, lasts a long time 3-4 weeks, so we usually look for those. I like to place them near my workspace in the living room so I can see them throughout the day.

I also love fall mums. I love that they are cheap and bring me joy each day when I walk onto my porch!

4. What woman doesn’t love chocolate? I am particularly fond of Ghirardelli chocolate in various forms. One of my biggest treats ( and biggest downfall!) are brownies. I could eat brownies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think I probably actually HAVE done that before, lol! Having the assortment of flavors of small treats is a great thing to hide from the kids! It is almost cocoa weather and I love their hot chocolate too!


5. A good book. Every woman should have a good fiction book that she is reading, even if only a few pages a day. I am currently making my way through a great book on my ereader- Here, Home, Hope. Loving this book! Will probably read Safe Haven by Nicolas Sparks next.

6. A good glass of wine is a must on occasion! I had the pleasure of being treated to a newer brand of wine, called Middle Sister wine. They have provided wine at several blogging events I have been at and their wine is exceptional and not pricey!

7. A breath of fresh air can really do you some good. If possible, take a walk outside. If not, stand on the porch and just breathe in and out. If I really want a refreshing, I find a creek to sit beside!

8. Have a favorites playlist. I am not savvy when it comes to mp3’s and iPods and Pandora and now Spotify. But I do love music, and I have lots of music videos on Youtube that I listen to for a pick me up. A new one I just came across recently is Not Your Birthday by Allstar Weekend. You can’t help but dance along! And of course I love Adele…

9. Many people do spend way too much time watching TV, and I don’t agree with sitting for hours just mindlessly watching. However, I think it is a great treat for moms to have a show or 2 or 3 that she saves for watching. My hubby and I actually have similar tastes, so our TV time is time we also spend together. We recently started watching some new shows: Terra Nova, Prime Suspect, Pan Am, in addition to some oldies: Castle, Fringe, Warehouse 13.

10. A favorite lip gloss or lipstick – this can definitely be a pick me up. Sometimes the scent of your favorite lip gloss can cheer you up, or if you have a fab color lipstick that you know you look great in, apply before heading out the door.

Psst! Most of these are affiliate links that I would earn a few pennies if you were to order! 

Well, ladies, what are YOUR favorite guilty pleasures? (Let’s keep this at a PG level, lol!)