10 scarves every woman should have

One of my most popular posts on this site has been 25 ways to wear a scarf. They are such a great accessory and have become SO popular this fall. I thought I would share some lovely scarves I found this weekend while perusing Amazon (rather than the mall!)

There are lots of different sizes and shapes of scarves. One that is real popular this year is called a pashmina. I think it actually refers to the material the scarf is made from, but I think it has taken on the personna of a larger scarf that can double as a shawl. There are a lot of beautiful ones out there, but they are a little more difficult to do all the knots, etc, that you see in the video above.

I love this pashmina!

While I have a gorgeous pashmina, I find that the longer skinny scarves are easier to do a wide variety of knots and ties with.


I love this color blue, and it is so dainty…

And everyone needs some animal print in their wardrobe…

 Stripes are nice as they can go with a variety of outfits!

As well as plaids! I love plaid…

 I think that paisley looks so elegant and feminine…

I love this one because it is so cute and a different look than the others, very fun and playful!

And it is always good to have a couple of simple, solid colors in hand…

What types of scarves do you like?

Do you wear them in all different ways or they same one or two styles?

Don’t forget to check out the awesome video showing you 25 ways to wear a scarf!

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