Many of us work ourselves night and day, never taking time to take care of ourselves. We go faster and faster, not realizing we are on the verge of major burnout. Or maybe we know it, we just hope we can outrun it!

I beg you, if you are at the edge, please take heed of the steps below. Pull back, slow down, make some time for you.

If you don’t, then who will?

10 steps to avoid mental breakdown

(or burnout or whatever you want to call it)

1. One must realize they are headed in that direction and admit it.

2. One must then make a declaration to oneself that they refuse to continue in that direction.

3. One must determine whether one needs to be under the care of a healthcare provider. Medication, supplements, therapy and even medical leave maybe helpful or necessary in fighting off the impending breakdown.

4. One must then find a new path to go down, one of loving and taking care of oneself to avoid said breakdown or potential future breakdowns.

5. One must begin eating 3 healthy meals a day, including quality proteins, whole grains and fruits/vegetables. One must allow oneself small indulgences of sweets and treats. Now is not the time to beat oneself up about one’s weight.

6. One must drink at minimum 8-10 glasses of water daily. Now would be a good time to avoid those plastic water bottles and go buy a cute refillable bottle and keep it by one’s side at all times.

7. One must get plenty of rest, 8+ hours per night, if one cannot sleep, one needs to consider over the counter aids or seek help from one’s physician

8. One must learn to do only the necessary responsibilities for a time. Say NO to all other responsibilities and opportunities that come one’s way. It may be, that depending on the severity of one’s mental state, one may need to back away from even responsibilities of high importance, such as one’s employment, or being the primary childcare provider, or the room mother or the PTA president. Said person is the only one who can determine what must be released to move beyond impending breakdown.

9. One must have some sort of physical exercise. This is not the time for an intense fat-burning 5 days a week workout, this is a time for one to take a walk around the block or by a lake or river, or on a nice winding trail at a park.

10. One must find strength in their God, through prayer and time alone with him. Journaling is also a good healing tool one could utilize.

— The last thing I leave you with is this: it didn’t take one a week or two to get to this point in their life, it will definitely take longer than that to pull out and move beyond it. Be sure to give said person lots of love and reassurance, whether said person is YOU or someone you love.

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