10 things this new mom couldn’t live without

While I have had 4 kids of my own, it has been a few years. My youngest daughter just recently had her first baby in June. I thought it would be good to get first hand feedback on what products she loved, and a few she could have done without.

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Here is Lyndsey and her sweet Tobyn when he was just a few months old.

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Take it away Lyndsey!

I was glad to share what I have learned so far about babies and baby products! Here are 10 things I couldn’t do without, plus a few I didn’t hardly use. Keep in mind that my son was almost 9 pounds and 21 inches long when he was born!

Things I found useful*:

 *Click the pictures for more details, and you guessed it! Affiliate links!

1. Bouncy seat- for cooking dinner, cleaning, and on occasion, a quick shower.

2. Mobile on his crib- has bought me time to actually brush my hair and put on some, mascara  some days.

3. Car mirror– I thought I probably could do without this but I’d die if I didn’t have it. Helps me figure out why he’s crying during some of his screaming car rides. WAIT. What am I talking about? ALL his rides are screaming car rides! (SO hoping he outgrows this soon!)

4. Links- magic toys. You can connect anything to them. Tobyn loves his links. When he was just learning to grasp, 2 or 3 links together were the perfect weight and size. Now he loves a long chain of them! And they are great for connecting other toys to his car seat, baby gym, mobile, stroller, and more. This was the best $5 ever spent!

5. Overhead play gyms- Allows him to stretch out and roll all over the floor and stay entertained.

6. Having a bijillion burp cloths. Just trust me.

7. For breastfeeding moms. A nipple shield- I ended up having engorgement issues and Tobyn had great difficulty latching on. In desperation, I tried a nipple shield. It worked wonders and kept me from giving up breastfeeding. Another great benefit of this was that I didn’t ever really suffer from sore, red nipples. We used the shield until the engorgement went down after a week or two and Tobyn could properly latch on. Once he got the hang of it, we transitioned off.

8. Baby k’tan- grows with them. Super comfy to wear. Easy on your back. Tobyn was never little, yet I can wear him and he loves it.

9. Baby swing- I asked for this swing as a gift from family. I know it is a bit fancy (we call it the cadillac) but it has been a lifesaver. Tobyn loves the swinging motion, but he also enjoys the music, the nature sounds, the birds hanging above, and most recently the mirror. I am going to hate when he outgrows this!

10. Co-sleeper- As a breastfeeding mom, I find it easiest to have Tobyn close-by to feed during the night. This co-sleeper is awesome because he can start out sleeping in it, and then I can just pick him up without having to get out of bed or even really sitting up. This attaches TO the bed, so it also serves as a guard to keep him from rolling off the bed if we fall asleep nursing. This is another one of those things I am going to hate when he outgrows (which won’t be long!) We went to a consignment sale looking for a bassinet and came across this. Was a great option and I am so glad we chose it that day!

Here is Tobyn and Lyndsey at about 3 months

Things I could’ve done without:

1. Most of his clothes. If you have any suspicion that your baby will be big, don’t buy newborn clothes. My son wore them for like 2 weeks. And he had way too many of them.

They.grow. so.fast.

2. Diaper Genie. This could have maybe been handy, if ours hadn’t been broken. But it never twisted the bags correctly, and you had to remember to buy special bags for it, along with everything else.

3. Lots of Bottles. If you are a stay at home, Breastfeeding mom you only need one or two bottles. I had gotten like 10 and barely use one.
4. Puj tub. Thankfully this was donated to me and I didn’t spend the 70 dollars on it that I was going to. He got his first bath in it, and it did not hold together after that. Maybe its because my baby was bigger but the snaps that hold the tub together wouldn’t even stay. A great idea since we had so little space in our apartment for storage.  Total waste.

We ended up buying a simple Safety First tub that worked perfectly. And it folds up and fits under the sink!

Baby bjorn. Again, maybe because my guy was bigger but he grew out of this in two months. I was under the impression they grew with the baby, but this didn’t work for us.


Here is my sweet Tobyn (4.5 months) with his hat on, all ready for a cool winter! 

 What things were lifesavers for you? Is there anything that was useless?

12 comments to 10 things this new mom couldn’t live without

  • Hi Lyndsey!
    First Tobyn is adorbs. I met you at the Baby Expo earlier this year before you had him.
    I’m surprised the Bjorn didn’t work for you. I used it with my son with him facing me until he could control his head. Then flipped him around.
    You may way to give it another try when he’s about 9 months old. It helped a ton when I was shopping or even writing.
    Take care!

    • Hi there! Yes, I remember you! And thank you so much, he is the light of my life!
      Well, maybe I didn’t know quite what I was doing, but I couldn’t ever figure out how to make it “grow with him”. His legs are about the chunkiest things I’ve ever seen, so after a few months they didn’t even fit in the holes.
      Do you know how to change this? I hate to let it go to waste, although I do use the Baby K’TAN quite a bit anyways.
      Thank you!

  • Becky

    I agree with the diaper genie not being needed. I had one but stopped using it because when I would go to empty it then it would all come untwisted which to me defeated the purpose. I just used a normal diaper pail and emptied it before it started to smell. As a breastfeeding mom, the co-sleeper is a great idea. Saved me many trips in and out of bed during the night. I loved having a baby monitor too. It allowed me the freedom to go out in the yard with my older son and still keep “ears” on my baby. I didn’t feel like I was trapped in the house when he napped. It also became a wonderful tool when we were camping. I could leave may baby napping in the camper and go enjoy a quiet few minutes on the beach and still keep my “ears” on him.

    • Becky,
      Yes, I know exactly what you mean about the bags. Just too much trouble, if you empty your garbage daily, then it isn’t even needed.
      And yes, the co-sleeper is the best thing we ever bought I do believe. I got so much sleep. I would just roll over, scoot him to me, and let him eat and I’d fall back asleep. It is wonderful.

      We have a baby monitor but haven’t set it up yet, we will when he moves to his room. I am looking forward to the convenience of it though!

  • Kali Cloutier

    I loved my snuggle wrap blankets. I know you can do the same general thing with a regular blanket, but with a baby who struggles all the time, they just came loose. Also, the fact that it had a pouch and velcro just made it so much faster to finish when my babies were cold and screaming to be wrapped up. Also, the Bjorn does grow with the baby. You turn him facing away from you and snap the back support after folding it over forward. The straps that go around your body and under their bottom all extend to a greater length. Hope this helps! (as a side note, I prefer a wrap because the Bjorn carrier always hurt my back!)

  • I could not have done without the swaddle! We used that baby until about 4 months old and it helped baby boy sleep well during naps and at night. Loved it!

  • Loved the wrap with my kids. I didn’t care for the Bjorn either, it always hurt my back and shoulders.

  • The nipple shield was a lifesaver for me too! Glad I’m not the only one! 🙂 And yes, too many newborn clothes! People love to give you itty bitty baby clothes, but my boys were big too and outgrew them very quickly. You and your little guy are adorable! Congrats!

    • Erica,
      Yes! I think the nipple shield needs to be more popular. It made life so much easier. Never did I deal with the raw, sore nipples everyone speaks of in the first month or so.
      And thank you so much!

  • Thanks for post Lyndsey. I have five children, and with the first one I had what seemed like everything ever made for a baby. But I’m finding that with each baby I need less and less. So it’s great to know what you really need so that you don’t waste money and lose space in your home.

  • Ashley

    Great article?
    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the diaper genie was a waste! The bags never twisted.

    We loved our sound spa. Little man loved the lights and sounds. It lasted almost two years and countless drops before it stopped working.
    Ill definitely buy another for this baby!

  • Brailey

    Loved the post! I agree on the diaper genie! We just use the scented diaper sacks and they work like a charm! And keep the diaper bag smelling fresh too! And I know what you mean about wasted bottles! I planned on my son using them bc as my second child I wanted him to use one if we went out or at church but he is a breast baby all the way!! Lifesavers though were the fisher price rock n play sleeper!! And the swaddle me blankets! My boy had colic and these helped tremendously! With my first we had the same fold up bath tub but my son would fall forward so with my second we just got one of the big sponges and that worked great for us and allowed big bro to help too 🙂 also a diaper caddy, ours is from babysrus and has made life with two little ones much easier bc I just take it to whatever room my toddler is playing in so I can keep and eye on him too! And rings are great too! Especially when they discover how to throw things down! And paci clips too!