Many of us put off cleaning the fridge because we are making it out to be a HUGE project.

things to throw out of fridge

Try this. Take 5 minutes and pull out anything that looks disgusting. You might find a few of these:

1. the expired medicine

2. the coffee creamer from last year

3. the cottage cheese/yogurt dated 5 months ago

4.  leftover Chinese food from 3 weeks ago

5. the shriveled carrots in the bottom drawer

6. the limp celery (technically you could put in soup if it isn’t moldy)

7. the meat you took out of freezer last week and never got around to cooking

8. the dried ear of corn that you bought last fall (my fridge!)

9. that container of tofu you thought you’d try

10. the slimy half an onion

Look at how much you accomplished in 5 minutes!

If you have a really packed fridge, take 5 minutes a day to work on a specific shelf or rack. You’ll make real progress and turn a mountain into a molehill.

Leave a comment below of the grossest thing you have found in your fridge.