Last week I brought you the first five tips, here are the last five!

6. Clear your work spaces. Whether your desk, the kitchen counter, or the bathroom counter. Just as I said in Part 1 of this post that location is important, and that things that are used regularly should be in a convenient location, the opposite is true. If it is not something you use on a REGULAR BASIS, it does not need to be occupying your work space. If you find you are constantly having to move one thing to get to something you need, maybe you need to dispose of, or at least move, that item.

7. Label everything. Especially if you have kids (or a spouse, lol!) Let there be no question about where things go, especially in closets, drawers, linen closets, pantries, and garages. You are not the only one living in your house, and you don’t others to have an excuse to not put things away.  Sharon from Mom of 6 did a great job of organizing and then labeling her garage!

8. Have a command center in a prominent place in your home. Try to be close to your most common door of entry and departure. Many have theirs in the kitchen near the door from the garage. Your command center needs to be customized to you, but would typically have hooks for coats and book bags, a large calendar and bulletin board of sorts, for keeping up with all the comings and goings of your family. You also want to have a trashcan close by so that you can quickly make decisions about papers that come into your house. Go ahead and throw them away the first time you touch it unless you know you HAVE to have it again. I have a  Pinterest board with many different options for a command center.


9. Purge stuff regularly. Make it easy to continuously purge unwanted and unneeded items from your home. Keep a box or plastic tote in a place that is easy to get to, such as the master closet, hall closet, or laundry room. As you just go through your day, as you come across things that are not trash but that you don’t need and are taking up precious space, put them in your donation box. Locate a local charity to make a regular drop off. There is a Goodwill donation center right next door to the grocery store I shop at so I drop off a bag or box every week or two.

10. Designate an Out-the-Door spot. Have a shelf or basket near where you leave out of your house to stage things. This could be library books, stuff to go to the post office, an item to be returned to a store. These are for those things you don’t want to forget when you leave. Designating a single spot will keep them from cluttering random spots in your house AND help you actually remember to take these items with you. NOTE: This could be close to your command center, if you have the space.

As with everything else, it can be overwhelming to change and implement everything all at once. Pick 2 or 3 areas a week to work on until they become habits. Then move on to another 2 or 3.

Where are you going to begin?

28 Days to Hope-For Your-Home