It seems that stuff and kids go together. You have kids and your stuff starts accumulating. And while you can put some limits on the stuff, and have rules on what makes it into the house, chances are that excess stuff will be a part of your life for a while.

The challenge for us moms then becomes how can we manage and organize all the stuff in our lives, and how can we do it in a way that everyone can easily maintain?

Luckily, due to Pinterest and several of my blogging friends, I have come up with some GREAT ideas to help you corral some of those ever-multiplying items, like Barbies, and craft items, and Hot Wheels cars, etc…

Typically called shoe organizers, these multi-pocketed wonders hang inside a door, and were designed mainly for shoes. Many ingenious women have been using them for organizing ALL kinds of things! Look below for pictures and links!

10 ways to use shoe organizers

1. This picture below was found on Pinterest and linked to A Bowl Full of Lemons, but I cannot find the original post. Looks like she is using her organizer for all kids of writing utensils, as well as study guides, so this could be for a homeschool family.

2. Sarah, THE Money Saving Queen, shared how she used a shoe organizer in her pantry to corral all those packets, plus help keep snacks handy for the kids. Her hint: keep the healthier snacks at kid level.


3.  Liz Rhoads originally pinned this picture, but I could not find the original post. I love the way they used the shoe organizer for cleaning supplies. It almost looks like it is a mesh organizer, which to me would be nice for things that could be damp.

4. Renee over at Hello Little One shows how she uses a shoe organizer to keep all her craft supplies in one place. Her post also has lots of other great ideas for organizing!

5. Laura from I’m an Organizing Junkie, shows how she used a shoe organizer in her bathroom. Love how it looks so classy!

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6. Gather all your lunch making supplies, baggies, snacks, plastic utensils, bags of chips, etc and keep in shoe organizer.

7. A great way to keep Barbies, Hot Wheels, My Little Ponies, any kind of toy that has lots of pieces!

8. Sort grown-up craft supplies, such as yarn, embroidery thread, needles, thread.

9. Keep scrapbooking punches, scissors and embellishments where you can see them.

10. Hall closet for gloves, mittens, scarves, keys and other items that need to go out the door.

 What are some other ways you can think of using a shoe organizer to better manage your stuff?

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