10 ways to use shoe organizers

It seems that stuff and kids go together. You have kids and your stuff starts accumulating. And while you can put some limits on the stuff, and have rules on what makes it into the house, chances are that excess stuff will be a part of your life for a while.

The challenge for us moms then becomes how can we manage and organize all the stuff in our lives, and how can we do it in a way that everyone can easily maintain?

Luckily, due to Pinterest and several of my blogging friends, I have come up with some GREAT ideas to help you corral some of those ever-multiplying items, like Barbies, and craft items, and Hot Wheels cars, etc…

Typically called shoe organizers, these multi-pocketed wonders hang inside a door, and were designed mainly for shoes. Many ingenious women have been using them for organizing ALL kinds of things! Look below for pictures and links!

10 ways to use shoe organizers

1. This picture below was found on Pinterest and linked to A Bowl Full of Lemons, but I cannot find the original post. Looks like she is using her organizer for all kids of writing utensils, as well as study guides, so this could be for a homeschool family.

2. Sarah, THE Money Saving Queen, shared how she used a shoe organizer in her pantry to corral all those packets, plus help keep snacks handy for the kids. Her hint: keep the healthier snacks at kid level.


3.  Liz Rhoads originally pinned this picture, but I could not find the original post. I love the way they used the shoe organizer for cleaning supplies. It almost looks like it is a mesh organizer, which to me would be nice for things that could be damp.

4. Renee over at Hello Little One shows how she uses a shoe organizer to keep all her craft supplies in one place. Her post also has lots of other great ideas for organizing!

5. Laura from I’m an Organizing Junkie, shows how she used a shoe organizer in her bathroom. Love how it looks so classy!

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6. Gather all your lunch making supplies, baggies, snacks, plastic utensils, bags of chips, etc and keep in shoe organizer.

7. A great way to keep Barbies, Hot Wheels, My Little Ponies, any kind of toy that has lots of pieces!

8. Sort grown-up craft supplies, such as yarn, embroidery thread, needles, thread.

9. Keep scrapbooking punches, scissors and embellishments where you can see them.

10. Hall closet for gloves, mittens, scarves, keys and other items that need to go out the door.

 What are some other ways you can think of using a shoe organizer to better manage your stuff?

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  • I actually use mine for toothbrushes, travel size items and free samples that I request!

  • Visiting from the Top 10 carnival. LOVE all these awesome ideas. I am such a visual person, so your pictures are great. I just might have to go out and buy a shoe organizer this week for all of our smaller craft supplies. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pam

    These are such great ideas! I also enjoyed the comment from Jennifer Lynn about the trial sizes. I am always losing those things in the great abyss of my closet.


  • We’ve used one in our pantry for several year now, and I really love it. Seeing this makes me realize that I should consider using one in the kids’ room. I bet they would love it.

  • omg I love all of them! Who knew?? ^.^
    Now for a way to store my shoes! lol Seeing how I hate putting my shoes in the shoe organizers! ^.^
    I thought about keeping them in their shoe boxes and taping a picture of the shoes on the outside so I know what is what. LOL
    Stopping by for TopTenTuesday a little late, hope you have a great Wednesday!


    • Bernice

      I have found that tossing shoes in a basket works best for me. Makes it easier to put away. This works as I don’t have 100 pairs of shoes like some women! 😉

  • omg. How have I not thought to use those things to hold crayons? Crayons and markers are like my nemesis right now (with a 5 yo and 3yo and a crayon-dumping 14 month old, is that a surprise?) THANK YOU! 🙂

    • Bernice

      My oldest daughter had the hardest time keeping any writing utensils up high enough from the little ones, a shoe organizer would’ve been great! She has quite a bit of permanent marker artwork around her house…
      Missed you at Blissdom! 🙂

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  • I love this post. Found you through OrgJunkie and I’m pinning this to my home organization board. Thank you. 🙂

  • I thought this was a great idea, then googled for a pretty shoe organizer to buy when I saw this: A shoe organizer becomes a living/green wall and vertical garden! Combining architectural sustainability and Organizing, it’s like heaven for me!


  • Kristina

    I also have one shoe caddy for electronic stuff. I can see once I get moved that I will be getting more.

  • Jenna

    These are great! I just saw one on pinterest cut in half and used on the cabinet door under the sink in the bathroom. We use ours for mittens and hats in the winter, sun hats and sun screen in the summer, and the dog’s leash, etc.-and the top half I put weekly grocery fliers and mail I need to file (they don’t hold much, so I can’t accumulate too much before I need to get it put away!).

  • Excellent ideas. I just don’t have any free doors. LOL

  • Jewelry. There is a really cute jewelry storage hanger at the bottom of this article http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art69815.asp

  • KimJ

    I have one on the back of the laundry room/mudroom door. We use it to hold bug spray, sunscreen, mittens, hats, etc… Love it!

  • Melinda

    Thanks! I have one hanging on the back of my hall closet for all the techno cords… adapters, extra chargers, extension cords, batteries, computer cords, etc…. anything techno goes there and there’s no looking all over the house for something! 🙂

  • Renee

    These are great ideas!! I have one I use in my baby’s room, it holds her diapers and baby items. 🙂

  • Jessica

    They are also great to store classroom calculators in. The clear fronts are a great visual to ensure everyone has turned in their calculators.

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  • I have seen various uses including jewellery , DIY bits and bobs, baby changing area wipes nappies bags ect. I think rolled scarves would look good as well making a wall art.

  • Janet

    After my small, mesh shower organizer of many years fell apart, I purchased a mesh shoe organizer to hold shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razors, tub toys, etc. This way I can keep different shampoo/conditioner/body wash for each member of my family.

  • Jen K

    I am a secretary at a large school – We keep all the kids epi-pens and inhalers or other medications in shoe organizers hanging on the wall in the office. Because each pocket is clear I can slip a photo of the child in so its easy to identify in an emergency.

  • C Morris

    I have one on the inside of my daughter’s closet door. All her headbands, ponytails, ribbons, clippies, bows, twisties, hairbrushes, etc. Any little accessories like play jewelry or her little keepsakes stay off the floor & have a place of their own – out of sight when the door is closed. ;0)

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  • eliette1964

    We have a small camper van ,I cut my shoe holder in half ,my husband used washer screws and put the holder on side of sink cabinet .I put salt ,pepper, hand soap, dish soap.plastic utensils,and such.Then the other half he screwed in the back,there we put comb,brush,toothbrushes,paste. works great.

  • Toni

    I used clear shoe organizers in the car when the kids were small. Hanging on the back of the front seats, they were perfect for holding small toys, snacks, and anything else the kids had in the car. It was wonderful on a long road trip. They could even put their shoes in them if they wanted to take them off! Just cut the bottom row or two off if they are too long.

  • L.Smith

    I use a shoe organizer bag on my bedroom door for all my paperback books! I can fit two small ones in each pocket, or one larger one. My organizer has some larger pockets on the bottom, and I can fit workbook size books in those!

  • Denise

    I’m elementary school teacher and someone just told me about your blog and also “Cooking With Mr. C.” on Facebook, also a blog. He’s an elementary school teacher and chef/actor. I just “Liked” his Facebook page and came to your blog. Very nice !! I love when people share blogs with each other. Denise

  • Jane

    I use two (and am going to get a few more) to use for my yarn stash. I crochet a lot and it’s great to have my yarn right there where I can see it and where it can stay clean. I don’t mind that it can be seen and everyone who knows me knows that I’m a fiber artist since they’ve all received gifts of my work anyway and they just laugh when they see my shoe organizers filled with colorful yarn!

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