Just in case you aren’t stressed out enough, here are 13 ways to make sure you can turn your stress level up to the MAX!

1. Don’t have any kind of plan for meals or grocery shopping. Figure out what’s for dinner at 7 pm each night.

2. Don’t designate a specific place for your mail and bills. This will ensure that you have piles of papers all around your house, and you will have no idea where your bills are.

3. Let coworkers pile their work on you. Be the go-to person in the office.

4.  Say yes to every request made by your church, your kid’s school, and your civic obligations.

5. Don’t have a  morning routine for getting out of the house on time. Sleep until the last minute and scream like a banshee to get everyone out the door!

6.  Do all the housework yourself without asking for help. I mean, if you are the woman in this relationship, isn’t it *your* job to take care of the house? Even if you work a job as well? And if you are home all day with the kids, you should have plenty of time to get it done!

7. Cater to your kids every whim and don’t require them to do their share of chores. Teach them that you are there to serve and take care of them, you are the parent, right?

8. Be too busy to get together with friends. That will just have to wait until you have more free time.

9. Don’t exercise. Don’t have a gym membership, that costs too much and you don’t have time anyway. And you don’t even really have time to do a workout at home either, I mean, with the kids and the housework.

10. Don’t set aside time to connect with your partner. At this point in your life, you just need to be on autopilot in your relationship. You know that you love each other, and you both will just have to be patient til things in life calm down a bit.

11. Don’t slow down long enough to listen to your body and soul. Keep going full speed ahead so you don’t hear your soul telling you it is starving for relaxation and a few minutes of quiet. Push your body to the limits and ignore any symptoms you have.

12. Allow your parents and/or inlaws to dictate much of your life. I mean, they are your parents and you do need to honor and respect them. And you feel guilty for being such an awful teenager. All you want is their acceptance, so you will do anything to please them, no matter how it affects your family.

13. Spend your weekends in the mall, toys R us or Walmart instead of the park or hanging out with your friends or your kids. There is always some new thing coming out and if you don’t shop each weekend, you might miss it!

Obviously, this post is tongue-in-cheek. None of us wants to MAX our stress level out. We are always wanting to reduce it somehow, but not really sure how to do so or what things would make the biggest impact.

Insanity- doing the same things but expecting different results

If you want things to change, you gotta do something different.

Take a look at this list above. Are you doing any of these things, even to a degree?


                      Make changes.

                                                                   Do something different.

It is NOT selfish to expect others to do their fair share. They may not like it at first, because they are used to YOU doing everything, but they will learn.

What changes are you going to make to reduce your stress level today? Or do you have another to add to our list here? Please share in the comments!