20 ways to help your child succeed in school

Being an involved parent is so crucial to your child’s success. Teachers are doing the best that they can with the situations they are in. Having parents involved in their child’s education process makes a world of difference, for the teacher, but more importantly for your child.

help child succeed in school

Below are just 20 ways you can help ensure your child’s success: 

•    Know the names of your child’s teachers.

•  Know the name of the principal, too.

• Make sure your child arrives on time. (READ 7 things you should have done last night)

•  Look through the Student/Parent Handbook together to make sure your child knows what is expected at school.

• Visit your local school website frequently.

• Eat dinner together as a family as often as you can.

•  Ask questions about the school day. For example, “What are you learning in science right now?” or “What was the funniest thing that happened at school today?”

•  Ask your child about homework— and look at it when she has finished.

•  If your child is having trouble with homework, ask the teacher how to get help.

• Encourage your child to read for pleasure every day.

•  Visit the library together often.

•  Play a game together.

•  Know the names of your child’s friends.

•  Hug your child every day.

mom walks daughter to school

•  Attend school events, meetings, and performances.

• Tuck an encouraging note into your child’s backpack.

• Every day, tell your child how proud he or she makes you feel.

• Take a walk outside together once a week, and ask about your child’s favorite and least favorite things about school. (READ Stop, Look, and Listen)

•  If you sense there is a problem at school, don’t hesitate to talk to the teacher.

•  Find the best way to communicate with your child’s teacher, usually via email. Stay in touch, just be mindful of the teacher’s time. Having a open line of communication will help you stay in tune with what is going on with your child.


4 comments to 20 ways to help your child succeed in school

  • Awesome tips. The school my kids go to is very small at the most there is 200 in the whole school that’s K-12. What I love about it is everyone knows everyone. The principal knows each student by name and that helps. If we have any questions even if its not school related she is always willing to help.

    The teachers are the same they. My sons teacher said at the beginning of the year that if there is any problems at all just to call her during her free period or shoot an email and she will get to it as soon as possible, She has tutoring before and after school Mon-Thur so if that nights homework is confusing they just have to stay and get extra help.

    I totally agree with family dinners. So much can come from these meals. We either have family breakfast or dinner with all 4 of us since hubby has a odd work schedule this way he gets at least one meal with them a day. Such awesome tips thank you so much.

  • Wonderful advice!

    We used to live in a tiny house with no room for a table so we never actually ate all together. The kids would be at the breakfast bar and my husband and I would be at the coffee table. Since moving and finally having a table (yay for small blessings!) it’s been amazing to see the change in family dynamics. We make a point of discussing our days and it keeps us connected – the dinner table provides the perfect platform. I couldn’t imagine going back to how we used to do it.

  • Great tips! Stay involved and show you care. 🙂

  • Great tips! I’m slacking on a couple of these, so this definitely gets the ball in motion!