Maybe you’re pregnant and on bedrest.

Or maybe you have a little one that is up several times to nurse so you are sleep deprived.

Maybe you work long hours or late into the night.

Maybe you are caring for a sick family member.

Maybe you have a chronic illness yourself.

And maybe you are more than one of these.

20 ways to keep kids busy lying on couch

Here are 20 things to keep your kids occupied while you lie down

  1.  Play fetch with your crawler or toddler
  2. Put on dance music and let them have a dance party/contest. Even better, Just Dance on the game device.
  3. Make a tent fort and lie down inside with a stack of books
  4. Keep special coloring books and activity books for your tired days
  5. Let them *read* to you. Great to build their imagination!
  6. Let your preschoolers play *doctor* with you as the patient.
  7. Kids love to wrap up *presents*. Let them wrap anything in the house (give them some scrap wrapping paper) and bring it just for you!
  8. Depending on the ages of your kids, play spa. They can paint your toes and brush your hair. (one of my favorites!)
  9. For kids who don’t have to have 100% supervision, explain that you are going to take a nap while they watch XYZ show on Amazon Prime which is only 20 minutes. Teach them to leave you alone for that time. (Amazon Prime lets them watch 1000s of shows of their choice)
  10. Board or card games with children who are a little older
  11. Gate yourself in a safe space and make a pallet on the floor so they can play safely while you rest
  12. While in their highchair give your toddler yogurt that has been dyed just a little with food coloring and let him play and mix and make a mess of himself. In the end he’ll lick his fingers clean and a wipe can get the rest.
  13. Crayola Color Wonder  can keep them busy for a long time
  14. Q-tips or paint brushes, small cups of water, and construction paper for *painting*.
  15. Puppet shows, be the cast or be the audience, or take turns
  16. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes. Amazing what can be done with boxes. And add crayons or markers depending on their age.
  17. Bigger kids, you can play Red Light Green Light down the hallway, you are the caller.
  18. Have your kids “write” letters on your back for you to guess what it is. Mini massage!
  19. Legos, Duplos, blocks
  20. Teach your little one their letters by setting a large font and using your keyboard to type on your laptop.