Busy moms don’t typically have the time to focus a lot of effort on their wardrobe. We throw on the easiest, quickest thing we can find that doesn’t have spit up, peanut butter or dog hair on it!

I just attended a blog conference in Atlanta this weekend, Bloggy Boot Camp (LOVED it! The SITS Girls have an awesome site, check them out here) The few days leading up to the conference, the twitter stream was full of questions about “what is everybody wearing? Is anybody dressing up? It was one of those few times we actually get to put some thought into what we were wearing and not have to worry about someone hanging on us!

How to dress up ANY outfit

25 ways to dress up any outfit with a scarf

One great fashion piece that is continuing to be popular is the scarf. I wore one this weekend (it was the larger pashima type) and it was a scarf for my neck and them became a shawl when it was chilly in the conference rooms.

*word of warning! I am NO fashionista!

The great thing about scarves is that they can dress up a very basic outfit. I typically wear a colored tee and jeans. As we move into colder weather, that will transition into a colored turtleneck and jeans! A scarf is a great way to dress this up.

If, however, you are like me, and not very creative for more than the current European loop, I have a treat for you! This video below is short and awesome! Not only does she show you 25 different ways to wear a scarf, the way she did the video is really cool  as well!

Now, I am not saying you gotta look fantastic all the time, but a scarf can be a great boost for you if you are feeling a little blah or think you “look like a mommy”. I like the European if it is a smaller scarf, but I saw many on this video I want to try!

How about you ladies? Do you wear scarves? Which knot or tie style do you use?

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