I don’t claim to be a great cook. I have been cooking for 30 years but there were very few days where somebody said “Wow! This is awesome!” So, I thought I would let someone who is a little more skilled in the ways of the kitchen share with you some ideas of what to do with all that leftover turkey!

What to do with leftover turkey

My awesome friend Cris Goode from Goodeness Gracious has kindly written a post for my readers today.You’ll find that she is talented in the kitchen AND with the keyboard! She has a precious daughter and her husband is hilarious! I have had the pleasure of meeting Cris in person, not once, but TWICE!

bernice and cris


Cris, take it away….

Let’s talk turkey, shall we?

Truth be told, there is nothin’ better than sitting down with family and enjoying a fantastic feast with all the fixins… and then enjoying those leftovers all day and the next. But, I don’t know about you, by about day 3, I am over it. The problem is there is usually still tons of turkey left and a lack of turkey eaters in the house.

So, here is this Freeze-O-Rama Mama‘s way of dealing with situations like this…

1. Just chill

The easiest way to deal with this turkey is to slice, chop or shred up the turkey and freeze it in 1-2 cup portion sizes for quick and easy dinner ingredients at a future time. When your hankerin’ for turkey returns, you can make a yummy turkey sandwich or whip up some Herbed Turkey and Rice or Turkey Tetrazzini .

2. Make soup

After days of heavy calorie laden foods, why not opt for the lighter side by making a simple soup like this Amish Noodle and Turkey Soup or this Alabama Turkey Noodle Soup?

3. Substitute for Chicken

chicken florentine

Short on turkey recipes? Most recipes that call for shredded chicken or cubed chicken would taste quite yummy with turkey instead. This Chicken Florentine would taste quite nice as a Turkey Florentine I do believe.

4. Switch Up the Flavor

After all the savory flavors of sage and rosemary around the Thanksgiving table, why not use that turkey in a completely different flavor combo to wake up your taste buds in a whole different way. I’m talking Mexican food folks… Why not whip up some of these enchiladas with some beans and rice on the side? You could even whip up this easy Mexican Dip and Guacamole to make things extra festive!

5. Freeze Casseroles for Later in the Month

If you have the time, a brilliant way to use up that turkey would be to go ahead and use that turkey to whip up freezer meals for later in the month. By doing all the work now and freezing it up for later, you will thank yourself a million times over for having done all the heavy lifting (not to mention) dishes now and not in the middle of a hectic work week. What to make? This Chicken Spaghetti and this Chicken, Ham and Cheese Casserole both freeze very well, as do many of the other recipes in post.

Well, I hope these five little tips help you from getting turkey fatigue this Thanksgiving!

Thanks so much for letting me share here and feel free to stop by GOODEness Gracious anytime or come on over to our little facebook community and say hello!

I hope you have enjoyed Cris’s post!

What do you like to do with leftover turkey? Please share your ideas!