6 things you never think about cleaning

I know it is hard to just get around to the things that are glaring in your face that need to be cleaned, but there are some areas that can harbor germs and dirt that we don’t think about too often.

One cleaning product I like to keep on hand for many of the items below are Lysol Disinfecting Wipes. They come in handy for so many things for the busy mom on the go.

Below are a few areas you want to make sure to hit on a regular basis:

Sofas and chairs: Something we use everyday, needs to be cleaned just as often right? Well, cleaning the sofa can be a very easy thing to pass over. So next time you are vacuuming, give the couch a quick run over with the brush attachment and spot clean any marks or stains. You can use the wipes on them, just test an inconspicuous spot first.

Shower Curtain: The shower curtain should be taken care of on a regular basis. Make sure to replace your clear liner when it starts to look not so great and wash your curtain at least every couple of weeks. (washing with vinegar helps remove soap buildup and mildew)

Doorknobs: Doorknobs get touched A LOT and they tend to get ignored when cleaning. Every week, use  a disinfecting wipe to wipe down all handles and doorknobs. It’s a great way to keep germs out and the family healthy. (this is a great job for a 8-12 year old)

Remotes & Controllers: Remotes are a great place for bacteria to live as they are passed from person. If possible, try to give the remote a good wipe down with a disinfectant wipe, paying special attention to the small spaces and buttons. (Great job for a teenager!)

Purses: Well it may not be a part of the house, a women’s purse can pick up more dirt and germs then you can imagine. Make sure to clean it out at least once a month and give the inside and the outside a wipe on a regular basis.

Wastebaskets: Rinse out occasionally, or if not too grossly dirty, a wipe can be used to wash out the wastebaskets.

What are your favorite ways to use disinfecting wipes?

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