mom stress relievers


One of the best things you can do to de-stress is to simplify your life. See if there are any activities you can cut from the schedule. Plan your meals in advance. Clear out some clutter to minimize messes. Clear out your closet and your child’s to simplify finding something to wear.
For more ideas to simplify read: 10 first steps for a simpler life


Learn to do the important stuff and say no to the rest. Determine your priorities and then live by them.

Use Pencil, Not Pen

Be flexible. Know that things are going to change, they always do. Having things “written” on your brain in pencil will help you to not stress out when things DO change from what you expected.

Give Away Your Cape

Stop trying to do all and be all to everyone. Stop trying to be Wonder Woman. Be real, be transparent.

wonder woman


Exercise is a great stress reliever and you will always feel better once you actually fit it in. Getting your heart rate up helps to burn off excess cortisol that is secreted when you are under extreme stress. Plus the endorphin rush is awesome.

Stop Juggling

Quit multitasking. Unless one of the things can be done completely mindlessly, don’t do more than one thing at a time.

Keep things in perspective

I know that you might be stressed out. But if you stop and consider children in Africa who don’t have clean water to drink or food to eat, it helps put your troubles in perspective. Maybe your crazy busy life isn’t so bad.