Lives today are very busy, that is no secret. Parents and families running to and fro, from one activity or task to the next. We get so busy doing that we forget we are human BE-ings.

How can we slow our pace down and begin enjoying our lives and our families?

If you look at some of the activities that many of us like to do, you can see a big contrast between them.  Consider:

Racecar vs convertible vs walking

Motorcycle vs bicycle vs running

Speedboats vs sailboats vs kayaking

Speed swimming vs snorkeling vs scuba diving

Each of these activities do have their merit, even in their fastest speed. But, consider what will be missed if you only operated at the highest speed?

Speeding in a racecar will give you a thrill, but you miss the sounds of nature, the flowers on the side of the road, and even more.


Speeding on the motorcycle can be awesome, but again, you do miss out on enjoying your surroundings.

running on the beach

As a stillwater kayaker, I can tell you that kayaking gives you the opportunity to really take in your environment, and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Snorkeling, and especially scuba diving, gives you a perspective on the beautiful underwater life that is waiting there under the water. You just won’t get that by swimming across the top of the water as fast as possible.

scuba diving

Eight ways to slow down your life

Think about other areas of your life, the every day areas. What do you do on high-speed that you may need to slow down so as to enjoy it more?

  1. Cooking- enjoy the flavors and aromas of the fresh (hopefully) food that you are preparing
  2. Drinking your coffee- take time to smell and breathe in the first sip (or gulp)
  3. Eating- instead of wolfing down your food, take time to taste it, to enjoy it, to feel the textures
  4. Driving- instead of rushing through traffic, taking time to pay attention to your surroundings, the people around you
  5. Reading- Many times we read in a hurry, mainly for knowledge’s sake. Try slowing down, reading for the fun of reading. Absorb it.
  6. Prayer and meditation- Even though this is meant to be a slowed down time, many of us do it out of obligation or hope that it will help us, but if we rush through it, we don’t get the full benefits. Slow down and be present!
  7. Greeting your loved ones– take a few moments to snuggle good morning or a kiss and a hug at the end of the workday
  8. Exercise- tune in to how your body is feeling. Work with the burn, with the stretch. Think about how what you are doing is making a difference to your body, your health.

Slowing down may not allow you to get *everything* done, but you will be more present in your life and enjoy it so much more! Try it today!

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