Many times, we put off cleaning because it just seems to take TOO long. Often, we use the wrong products and/or we use them the wrong way. We then work harder for lesser results. I owned a house cleaning business for 13 years, not to mention cleaning my own house for years, and I want to share a tip or two with you.

Use the right products for the job:

I’m just going to warn you now, if you are into all natural cleaning products, you aren’t going to like this part, and I’m sorry, I truly am. For those of us who haven’t made that decision, this part is for you.

Bathroom cleaning products clean soap and toothpaste scum. My favorite of all time is Comet Bathroom Spray.

Ammonia products clean and shine mirrors and faucets. I like Windex but you can try off-brands as well.

Ammonia products like 409 or an all-purpose cleaner will clean greasy countertops and stove tops, as well as bathroom counters caked with hair products and makeup. Also good on fingerprints on doors and light switches, as well as the kitchen table. I personally prefer to buy cheap lemon ammonia and dilute with water, about 2 ounces in 32 oz spray bottle and fill the rest with water. This will NOT shine windows, it will leave them streaked, but great on everything else, even your floors.

Comet powder is always a good cleaner for soap scum in the tub, or for scrubbing the toilet bowl.

If you have issues with mildew, you almost HAVE to get a product with bleach in it. Tilex is a good one.

DO NOT USE BLEACH AND AMMONIA PRODUCTS TOGETHER. If you use a bleach product be sure to open window/door or turn on vent fan.

Use the products the right way:

I have all the products I usually use in a cleaning caddy.

Cleaning the Bathroom

First you will need to put all the stuff up and out of the way! This is a topic for a whole other post 🙂

Note- I usually sweep the floor before spraying or cleaning anything. It won’t sweep well once wet.

Start with the tub and sink and spray down with my Comet spray. If there is mildew I will go ahead and spray that too. DON’T WIPE YET.

Then spray the outside of toilet with ammonia product, and the inside with Comet powder or other toilet cleaner, LET SIT.

If there is a large vanity or especially dirty counter, spray with ammonia spray. LET SIT.

Now that you have let the products DO what they are supposed to, you can start cleaning 🙂

Spray mirror, let sit just a second then wipe clean.

With same cloth, turn water on low and begin to scrub and clean sink and counter, continuing to rinse and wipe until clean. You can dry if you would like.

Then go to the tub/shower and using the same cloth, turn on just a bit of water to dampen your clothe and start wiping/scrubbing. If it has been a while you may need a brush, or you may just need to wipe down and then spray and let sit again.  A lot of water is not your friend until you are finished with the cleaning. Too much water will just dilute the products. When finished, rinse until clear.

Using toilet brush, scrub and swish as much of the toilet as you can without making a huge mess. Flush, and then using a specified cleaning cloth, or paper towels, wipe the outside of the toilet, making sure to get under and around the seat and hinges.

By spraying the bathroom first, and letting the products sit and do their job, you are mainly just rinsing when you come back around, once you begin doing this on a regular basis. It really goes fast!


Same concept in the kitchen:

You will mainly be using an ammonia product in the kitchen to cut the grease and dirt and along with hot water, kill the germs.

Clear counters of junk, put away all except necessities, spray from top to bottom, backsplash and counters, stove hood included. Then come back with a hot wet cloth and start wiping down. You can do the same with the cabinet fronts and the fronts of the appliances but you may not want to let sit as long as it will drip on floor.

Trick for microwave cleaning:

Spray down the inside of the microwave with your ammonia cleaner. Fill a large plastic cup, pitcher or bowl about ¼ way full with hot water. Place in microwave and turn on for 2 minutes. Carefully remove container and wipe down microwave. The steam from the water as it boiled has loosened all the crud for you.

Learn to let the products do their jobs! It will make your life so much easier! What products do you like to use to clean?

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