This past week found me sick in bed for days with strep throat. I will be keeping things a little light around here for the rest of the year, as I want to have time for my family, plus I am working on a great project for THIS website. It will probably be January 1st before the reveal, but we will be getting a great new name and domain,!

Here’s my post for Life Your Way last week. May it help you conquer and ENJOY the last two weeks before Christmas!

In our busy society, there are plenty of things to keep us distracted from advertisements, to events, to classes, to sports teams, to Facebook, to Twitter, to blogs, and I hear that Pinterest is quite a time-suck as well. And then, there are the things around the house like kids, laundry and cleaning, craft projects, and the phone. 

Is it any wonder we feel frazzled, scattered and feel like we never accomplish anything?

You can find the rest of this post over at Life Your Way!