A stitch in time saves nine…

We’ve all heard that saying. And we may even nod our head at it. Makes sense, right?

It really is true, though. When you have a small hole in something, if you sew it up right away it will save you from having to make a major repair later. Have you ever thought about how this can apply to other areas of your life?

Many times, because we are in a hurry, we put off doing the one stitch when we first see the issue, only to be plagued by a much bigger problem later.

* When your car’s fuel gauge hits 1/4 of a tank, do you fill up at your next possible opportunity or do you see just how much farther can you push it? Ever run out of gas doing that? Or maybe you don’t run out, but you have to go get gas at an inopportune time to keep from running out?

* How about a tire that looks like it is running low? Did you do something about it, or do you end up having to change a tire in the rain on the way to an important event?

* What about that open bag of chips sitting on the kitchen table? Do you stop, close the bag and put it away? Or, will you have a mess to clean up because the bag got knocked off the table by the kids 5 minutes later?

* How about the permanent marker you see lying on the floor? Do you pick it up and put it in a safe place right away, away from your toddler’s reach? Or, will you have to spend an hour or more trying to scrub the artwork off your little Picasso as well as the wall, the furniture, and everywhere else?

* What about the one thing that you set on the kitchen counter “just for a minute”–as opposed to the few more seconds it takes to put it away? It will become a magnet for other “just for now” things and, by the end of the week, you will have an overwhelming pile to clear out.

* See the mud puddle by your front door? Did you instruct everyone to take off their shoes and threaten your 8 year old not to get in the puddle? Or, will you have to clean the carpet stains that ensue instead?

The more we procrastinate and put something off, it has the potential to not only become a bigger physical problem, but it grows to be a big mess in our mind as well. It becomes something that weighs on us, causing stress in the back of our minds.

Do yourself a big favor, take care of a situation when it is small. Save yourself the trouble of a big mess later. Don’t put that extra stress on yourself. We have enough to deal with as it is, we don’t need unnecessary stress!

Look around you. Are there things that just need one stitch? DO IT NOW!