Sometimes we long for an adventurous life. We want to throw caution to the wind and go with the flow. And in some occasions that may be a good thing, but for the most part, routines and habits can be a good thing. Having the important daily things on autopilot, if you will, gives you more time and more brain power for doing all those other exciting things, even if it is just playing Legos with your kids or taking a walk in the park.

 10 things you should do every day*

1. Drink enough water.  And be sure you are eating enough and the right things to give you energy. Many times moms just grab whatever is handy to stop their belly from rumbling, like the crust from Susie’s sandwich, or the last of Billy’s eggs. Find a few protein packed choices to keep handy. And keep a water bottle/glass close by all day long.

2. A quick clean of the floors, sweep, swiffer, or vacuum the high traffic areas. Don’t necessarily wait until everything is all picked up and perfect. A daily maintenance sweep will go a long way.

3. Quick swipe the bathrooms. When brushing your teeth, use a “dirty” towel to wipe the sink and counter. Grab a wad of toilet paper and wipe any sprinkles on the toilet seat and flush.

4. Gather and dispose of trash, especially dirty diapers and food trash. Take your bag around the house to pick up strays.

5. Throw load of laundry in wash, dry, and put away. If you are overwhelmed with the huge pile you have, just commit to one load.

6. Determine at breakfast time what you are having for dinner and make necessary arrangements. Put something in the crockpot, take something out of the freezer, make a list if you absolutely have to go to the store. Even better, know the night BEFORE what you are making. That way you can thaw what might need to go in the crockpot.


7. Do the dishes. Putting them off only makes it worse. Just do them. When you use a large pot or dish, go ahead and rinse and wash if possible. It won’t take up space in the sink or on the counter and won’t make you FEEL like you have a huge pile waiting.

8. Spend some time with your children. Watching them, listening to them, talking with them. This day will never come again. It may be a CRAZY day, a crazy time in your life, but do your best to love your children and listen to them with their silliness and their drama. Let them know they are important to you.

9. Spend some time with your spouse. It is easy in the chaos of raising kids to let too much time pass between some quality couple time. Make sure to kiss your spouse in the morning and to kiss them goodnight. Do your best to give/get a hug before leaving the house. Spend 5 minutes chatting about your day and not JUST about the kids.

10. Have some quiet mom time. Wake up early if you can. It is important to get a jump on the day and a few minutes to clear the cobwebs is crucial. Use this time for prayer/meditation even if you have to do so while making the coffee or getting a shower. Or have a few minutes to yourself after they go to bed.

*If you think I am implying that the woman has to DO all the housework, take a look at Teaching Kids to Do Their Fair Share