The blogging world has been flooded over the past few years, now everybody and their mother has a blog. And with a blog comes some responsibility. Granted, it depends on what your purpose for your blog is. If it is just a journal of family life for friends and family the pressure may not be as great. However, once you begin blogging for money, in whatever capacity, or for your readership, you feel an obligation to DO certain things. On a regular basis. Like write posts!

Many times that pressure actually comes from expectations we have imposed on ourselves and not necessarily from others. If you blog for brands, etc, you may have some specific obligations there. Also, if you write for other bloggers, there are deadlines for those posts as well.

Fighting bloggy burnout follows some of the same patterns as fighting burnout overall. Determining your priorities and living by them.

6 ways to fight bloggy burnout

1. Determine WHY you are blogging. Is it a creative outlet? Do you enjoy hosting giveaways and receiving new products to try? Maybe you actually have some sponsors and they provide some compensation, whether monetarily or in gifts and trips.

Probably one of the more difficult WHYs is to build a business, to make a decent amount of money to justify your time, or to build something you can be proud of.

2. Once you know WHY you are blogging, you need to determine what activities are the most important. Let’s face it. Every day someone is posting about a new way of doing things. New apps, new platforms, new themes, so many come and then they go. Are they REALLY necessary for you to get all in a tizzy about?

I mean, is it worth it to lose sleep over WHY your Klout score has dropped? We could tweak our design, our widgets, our ads all day long, and is it really helping our success? Or just adding to our stress?

3. Make a list of those important activities and include them into your week. Other than writing, I find it important to comment on blogs within my niche, as well as interact on Facebook and Twitter. I also feel that guest posting is important to me, although it is a catch-22, it takes extra time, but it does have its payoffs in extra traffic. I try to only guest post twice a month.

4. I know that many people use all types of digital calendars today, but one of the best I have found to handle all the different aspects of a busy woman’s life is Google calendar. You can create different calendars within your calendar and layer them in and out as you need to see them. You do not have to use a gmail account to have a calendar.

I use this to help me keep up with when my guest posts are due, when they will actually publish, if I have a special series I want to plan out, and of course I have my personal calendar. When my kids were still at home, I had a calendar for them as well. You can share certain calendars with others so it is a great way to keep up with lots of our different responsibilities. One day I hope to do a video on using Google calendar.

5. As for your writing, create an editorial calendar. I used to fly by the seat of my pants and write about whatever was on my mind that day (which I still may do, but it doesn’t necessarily get posted yet!) With 2 sites, I have to be more strategic and plan out what subjects I want to address and how the 2 sites can complement one another.

I was using the WP plugin calendar when I just had one site, now I use an excel spreadsheet I created that has a site in columns side-by-side so I can get the big picture (I am a visual person!)

6. As with the rest of your life, creating systems and routines will make your blogging life a little easier. Know when you plan to post each week. Know what activities you need to do each day to maintain your blog as well as move it forward. Systemize as much as you can, even having a checklist to help you stay focused. The social media aspect of your blog, while important, can become a black hole that will suck you in until all hours of the morning. Set some time limits.

Hopefully, if you begin implementing some of these, it will help you to avoid bloggy burnout. If you think you need a little more help, I do have 2 resources I’d like to recommend to you.


Rachel Meeks,author of this book,is a delightful blogger! I love her Small Notebook blog where she talks about the more simple things in life. And one thing she has simplified is her blogging process. Click for more details on Simple Blogging.



It may be that you are to the point where you could use some help, even on a part-time or contract basis. This resource below will help you make that decision.


I came across this book and thought,“What an awesome resource!” It is to help you decide when and how you may need help with your blog. It also will help you if you want to BECOME an assistant to a blogger. Great book, click here for more details on how to order Hire Blog Help.