Some great reads for this weekend!

I always loved the show What Not to Wear, this post reminds of the show! ~ What Not to Wear at More Magazine

I remember watching a marathon of shows one New Year’s weekend. Really helped me get past the style of looking like someone’s mother, and back to looking like someone’s woman!

From Small Notebook ~ Remove tags to clear the clutter

For the lower tech people, like me, this post does a good job of comparing a Kindle Fire and Nook against a full tablet from iPad. I have to say that I love my Kindle Fire!

Have some projects that have been looming over you? Check out: What would you put on an elephant list?

Need an idea for dinner? Check out The Bizy Mommy’s Spinach and Tomato Stuffed Chicken Breasts  (btw, she is my oldest daughter, mother of 6!)

Have an AWESOME weekend!