I was doing so well last week, and was determined to keep it up, but my body did not agree. Evidently it thought that exercise was bad for you. I finally dragged myself to the chiropractor/sports medicine doctor on Tuesday.

Turns out my walking/slow running exacerbated an issue with my hip and lower back. My doc proceeded to do some physical therapy, which I think is just a modern day, civilized form of torture.

He told me to take it very easy this week. No treadmill. NO running. For now.

Great. I finally got myself in the mindset to exercise every day. Thinking, “I AM a runner, I can do this.” And now I can’t.

And he says no extra walking or running.

I do feel better after Tuesday’s torture session, although not healed completely. I am hoping when I go for my visit today, he will at least give me an okay to walk at a stroll pace on the treadmill.

To keep myself busy and moving somewhat this week, here of some of my old standbys that I fell back on:


I have had to modify some of these workouts even, to not stretch or stress my hip.

I’m getting a little bored with these, I may pull out my Just Dance game!  I got Just Dance last spring compliments of Ubisoft before going to Type A Con. I have enjoyed dancing to it when no one else is around!  If you have kids, one of my friends recommends the Just Dance for Kids. She says it is great fun and they don’t even realize they are exercising!


I just hope I don’t throw my hip out while dancing!

If it seems the treadmill continues to aggravate the hip, I may have to join a gym and try a bike for a while. And worse case scenario, a pool. Keeping my fingers crossed!

What do YOU do when you are not able to exercise like you need to?