10 ways to get more stuff done

1. Create routines– know what has to be done to run your family’s life and create routines to get those those things done.

checklist big

2. Wake up earlier– do best to get up before your family to give you some uninterrupted time. Or, depending on your season in life, stay up an hour or two later.

3. Silence the beeps– Turn off notifications from email and social media. The world will not stop turning if you don’t see something on Facebook or Twitter right away.

4. Shorten your To-Do list– Make a short to-do list of the most important things you must get done today and focus on those things.

post it note

5. Move it– Fit in at least a short exercise break. Even a 10 minute dance break with your kids can revitalize you and get you going for a few more hours.

6. Stay healthy– Follow good habits to stay well. Wash hands, take vitamins, get sleep. Productivity goes downhill quick when you are sick.

7. Focus– Try not to bounce from activity to activity. Stay with an activity until done, or til at a stopping point.

learn to focus on the important stuff

8. De-clutter– Reduce clutter in your surroundings. Clutter can distract you from doing the important stuff.

9. Prioritize– Say NO to the non-important stuff. If it doesn’t help you reach your goals for you or your family, don’t do it.

10. Eat well– eating small meals with a mix of protein and complex carbs can help you stay full of energy and remain focused.

healthy snacks