Whew! Life has been a whirlwind around here the past few weeks! Talk about a STRESSED mom!!!

Let’s see, where do I begin?

Hubby was laid off in April. Has been doing some contract work, but no “secure” check or health insurance. Just a little stress here!

Youngest daughter is 19 and having a baby and she lives 3 hours away. Little baby boy is not supposed to be due until June 23rd, but he has been making his presence known, and she could go into labor at anytime. Oh, and did I mention that not only does she and her boyfriend live 3 hours away, but she plans to come HERE to deliver. No stress there, lol!

And sweet daughter #2 got married this past weekend. This was stressful, but not necessarily how you would think of, being the mother of the bride. My daughter and her new husband are very non-traditional and unconventional. She works in the entertainment industry, currently stage managing at a Shakespeare tavern. So her wedding was at an awesomely unique venue, and the guests were encouraged to dress up in costume. We had Star Strek characters, rock stars, flappers, and all other manner of costumes. My husband dressed up and walked her down the aisle as Tom Baker (Dr Who #4). Those who are sci-fi geeks will get that one!

Below is a pic of most of my family, it was SO crazy Saturday! It is missing my son’s wife and daughter, and my daughter’s boyfriend, and my new son-in-law’s brother is in this picture, lol!

It was a great event, and came off without too many hitches, but boy I am exhausted now! Thank goodness we did NOT have a wedding and a baby in the same weekend!

We must remind ourselves that not all stress is bad stress. Good stress is exciting, but can be overwhelming and exhausting. It is at times like this that I must go back and read my own posts and remind myself that I need to take care of ME too!

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