We all have things we want to accomplish. A book to write, a room to decorate, a marathon to run, a business to begin. And some of us have things that have been sitting there, in our minds, for quite a while, waiting for us to take a step, to make a move.

do that thing

3 steps to help you do the thing you really want to do

Write it down

Writing things down makes them happen.

Writing things down give you focus and direction.

Writing things down helps you to see the big picture.

Writing things down , makes it easy to see when you veer off path.

Put it on the calendar

Be a strategic scheduler.

What gets written gets done.

What gets scheduled gets done.

What gets planned gets done.

Do the right things

Are you doing the right things? The right actions? We can be busy, all in a hurry, but if we are not doing the things that bring us closer to what we really want, then it is just busy work. And wasted time.

I mean, I am sure none of you have EVER been spending time on Facebook or Twitter or now Pinterest when you were supposed to be writing or working or something that would move you towards your goal.

So decide if the things you are doing are the right actions to move you towards your goal. If they are not, pull yourself back on track.

A nice app to help you progressively work toward your goals is a free program called irunurun. Check it out!

What is the thing you really want to do, but can’t seem to make progress in?