I absolutely love avocado. I could eat it almost every day. The problem is, their shelf life isn’t very long, so they can go bad fairly quickly. I’d love to stock up when they are on sale for .99, but what would I do with a dozen avocados before they went bad?

That’s why I was excited to see that you can actually FREEZE avocado! Be sure to check out these other MOMtips!

Deana, from The Pink Sugar Bowl, says to cut in half and seed, wrap very tightly with no air, and voila! It seems the very top layer will turn brown, but the inside is still green! (I wonder if you brushed with lemon juice, if that would prevent the browning?) 

I’m definitely on the hunt for some recipes using avocado now! I think first on the list will be this:

Creamy avocado pasta from The Flourishing Foodie