less time in front of sink

Dishes can be the bane of a mom’s soul. They can drive her batty. They can make her feel weighed down. But wait, these are just dirty dishes, right? They are inanimate objects. We can surely take control over them.

Below are 7 tips to enable you to spend less time in front of the sink

1. Designate a cup or sports bottle for each person in the house for the day. Anything they drink is to be in that cup. Rinse between differing drinks. Use colors, labels, a labeled area on the kitchen counter, to help each person know which is theirs.

2. While cooking, rinse and reuse when it is safe to do so. Last night I cut an onion, cabbage, and broccoli all on the same board, same knife. Many times I can just rinse a bowl if it just had say, cut raw potatoes for 5 minutes.

3. Either keep a sink full of warm water to soak dishes in while cooking, or rinse and fill any pot as you use it. The main thing is to make it easy to wash something. Don’t let the crud get caked on.

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4. Same with plates and silverware. Even if you can’t *wash* them right then, dump and rinse everything and stack. Will make it easier when you can come to do them. Or dump in the sink of soapy water and you can swish and rinse you get home from whatever function you have that night.

5. Speaking of dumping and rinsing, if your child can reach the sink at all, they need to dump and rinse their own plate. And if you are organized as such, they could then actually place their rinsed dirty plate into the dishwasher. That makes your job a lot easier.

6. Cook as many one pot meals as you can. This will save you the extra pots and pans. Or reuse a pot again for a side dish. Use cooking dishes as serving dishes.

7. In certain times and seasons of your life, resort to disposables. I know it is bad for the earth, and bad for your wallet, but it is good for mama’s sanity, and sometimes that’s more important.