I recently enjoyed a post from Simple Mom called Imperfection. She shared how she had come to grips with the fact that she was not perfect in some areas. She has learned, for the most part, to not feel guilty about that. She says that blogging has helped her with this.

I like reading these things (blog posts) because in their words I find my tribe. What’s that C.S. Lewis said, “We read to know we’re not alone”? … In large part because of the Internet, women are slowly chipping away at the lie that we need to be perfect. ~~~~~ Tsh Oxendiner

In her post, she listed some things that she was not doing in her household and as a mother. As much as I enjoyed her post, I have enjoyed reading the comments even more. She encouraged her readers to list the things that they were not doing as well. The point was to help one another feel like we have cohorts in this journey called “motherhood”.

The Imperfect Mom

Many women listed things like not mopping their floors. I can definitely relate to that one! And I love that several mention letting their dogs clean up the messes under the table!

Quite a few also admitted to not bathing their children every day. And not cooking healthy meals. Or ironing.

Woven throughout the comments were women who seemed to have accepted the things they don’t get around to doing. They don’t feel guilty and they don’t let what other people think get in their way. I love this! It is so emotionally healthy! And the more that women are able to do this, we free other women to do the same.

The verdict- Feeling guilty?

I also read more than a few comments that were laced with guilt and apologies for the things they were not doing. While it is natural and human, it is saddening that women put themselves through this. It is due to the expectations that they put on themselves as well as expectations of society.

What I want to do is encourage these women, those who are plagued by guilt. Encourage them to accept that it is okay to not be perfect. It is okay if they don’t have it all together.

What I also want to encourage you,my readers,to do, is to make your own list of things you are not doing. Look over this list. Consider how you feel about the things on your list. Allow yourself to let the guilt go. Release it.

I want to encourage you to examine your list of things you are not doing a second time, and this time consider the things that might make your life easier if you did do them. How it might decrease your stress level if you were to start doing them. Consider if you can add them into your life, not because you feel guilty, but because it just makes sense to do so. Only you can determine what those things are.

How do you want your kids to remember their childhood? With an uptight mom? Or one who can enjoy herself with her kids? Cut yourself some slack! Enjoy these years, they will be gone before you know it!

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