Last weekend, my husband had an accident. He was unreachable by phone for hours. Finally, about 3 hours later, I received a phone call notifying me that he had been in a motorcycle accident and was in the emergency room. The accident had happened almost 3 hours prior, but they had not been able to get my contact info.

In this age of cell phones, everyone has the thought that if they have an emergency, that they can use their cell phone to get in touch with loved ones. Or that others will be able to access their cell phone to find the contact info of their loved ones.

We have heard that we need to put ICE numbers in our phones, In Case of Emergency, so that others will know who to contact. And that is not bad info. What I have done is entered my husband and 4 adult children with a number 1-5 beside their names so that they show up at the top of the contact list.

My husband has me at the top of his contact list, but that didn’t do any good this past Saturday. His phone was damaged in the motorcycle accident, and the screen could not be read.

The EMTs tried to get contact numbers from my husband once he was conscious, but really and truly, WHO actually KNOWS phone numbers by heart anymore? He spouted off lots of numbers, but was getting a lot of them mixed up and confused. They finally reached a friend of his, and then they helped get in touch with me, but it had been over 3 hours after the accident before I got to his side.

This delay and confusion could have been prevented if he had a list of phone numbers in his wallet.

He also had a medical condition/device that the EMTs and hospital did not know about, and he was not aware enough to tell them.

This situation has made us aware of the need for an emergency contact card for the wallet. Also consider creating one and putting in your child’s bookbag. Placing a card in your glovebox or center console might be a good idea as well.

Keep in mind that in an accident of any sort, your cell phone could be damaged or lost, or your wallet could be stolen. Think of several ways you can have contact info on your person and on those you care about.

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