With the way that Facebook is doing things lately, I never know who is actually going to see what on my Facebook page. I have almost 13k fans, yet most posts show as being seen by less than 500 people.

Grrr, very frustrating, especially when you, the reader, has said they want to see content from my page by liking my page. It is something that all FB pages are facing right now. join in the fun on facebook

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We also have a private Facebook Accountability Group. I can’t embed posts from there, but let me share just ONE of my recent posts to newest members here.

Posted this morning:

Week 3 day 2 Step 1 – Good morning! Today we have lots of new members. Our past 2 habit challenges have been getting all the dishes done every day and sweeping the kitchen floor. This week, which just began yesterday, we began to tackle the bathrooms. Not *cleaning* them mind you. We are taking baby steps to slowly learn the habits to help us eventually move on to the bigger picture.
In the bathrooms, I want you to pick up the clutter. The dirty towels, the toothbrushes, thesoggy washcloths in the tub, the scattered magazines. No cleaning, just picking up and straightening. If you did this challenge yesterday, today should hopefully not be so bad!

To the new people, if you are interested in purchasing the book that we are working out of (highly recommended but not required) you can do that here below. PS It is only $5 and helps defray my blog costs. Thanks!

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