Morning chaos

One of the stressful components of the morning routine, or lack thereof, is having to find and gather everyone’s stuff from who knows where in the house.
  • Sister can’t find her shoes.
  • Brother can’t find his backpack.
  • Middle-schooler’s lunch bag is stinky from yesterday in his bedroom.
  • And Mom, do you know where your purse is, your keys, your sunglasses?
Which is why you should set up a Landing/Launch Pad (LL Pad) in your home. It needs to be near where you leave and enter the home, such as in this picture below:

Inline image 1

Now this is a basic LL Pad, but it does have the important components. A place for coats to hang, for backpacks, a place for mom’s purse.
It would also be great to have a place for everyday shoes as well as hats, gloves, and mittens. If you have room, even some sports gear could go here as well.
This one below is gorgeous, and too perfect for a real home, lol, but it has some great ideas:
Inline image 2
Sometimes you have to just get creative and use what you can find to fit the bill, like this one below:
Inline image 3
When once upon a time I had all 4 of my kids at home, along with 3 grandchildren, I would have LOVED to have something like this!
So, most of us aren’t going to be able to build in something like this picture above.

What can YOU do to create your own LL Pad?

  • Search out a spot in your house. Move some things out of the way or rearrange furniture if necessary.
  • The three main main things you need are a bench/shelf unit, baskets, and hooks.
  • Do you have a shelf or a bench you can repurpose? Get creative with what you use!
  • Find a coat rack or just buy inexpensive hooks and screw into the wall.
  • You could also try the 3D stick on hooks, there are some with some high weight limits.
  • A simple bench with baskets below and hooks above can work well.
Below are some more simple ideas that you could use as inspiration:
Inline image 5
Inline image 6
Hooks for coats and/or backpacks
Bench to sit on or to put baskets onto or under, great for shoes, hats, gloves
Shelf above for important things such as keys, sunglasses, or moms purse.
Now, all these LOOK awesome, and I encourage you to put together your own Launching/Landing Pad.
What will really make the difference though, is teaching your family to use it religiously.
  • Their coats do NOT go in their rooms.
  • Their shoes do NOT get kicked off in the living room floor.
  • Their backpacks are hung up except for when they are doing their homework and showing you their work/papers/notes, etc.
  • Their lunchboxes DO not go here but into the kitchen.
  • And things are NOT left in the car.
  • Designate WHAT goes here and then use positive and negative reinforcement to help them build the habit.
  • Have a routine when you arrive home, depending on the time and your schedule, where they do their homework, bring you their folders, etc, and then they HANG the backpack up ready for the next day.
  • Once you arrive home, everyone’s coats should be hung, shoes and other belongings in their baskets, and backpacks hanging.
  • This way, in the morning, there SHOULD NOT be the moaning, “Where is my _______________!? Everything should be at hand.
  • In the evening when preparing for the next day, go ahead and pack and repack the baby’s bag.

Think of how much less stress there would be in the morning and in the evening once this becomes habit!