So many women are under the pressure to get THIS MUCH work done in an itty-bitty amount of time.

Whether you work for yourself or someone else, when you work from home, especially with kids around, you have to learn to get us much done in as little time possible.

Making the most of the time you have:

Do things that don’t require a lot of thought or attention when your kids are underfoot or playing nearby. Things like weeding through email, retweeting, scrolling through Facebook liking and responding. And Pinning.

Also use time when you can’t give your work your full attention as an opportunity to scan the web for ideas for upcoming projects, or research for blog posts. Save these to bookmarks or to a folder in Evernote to come back to when you DO have some quiet time.

Teach your child, as age appropriate, that at certain times Mommy has to be working, so they must play quietly, read books, watch a TV show, etc. If they know that at other times your attention belongs to them, they will learn to let you have your time.

When you DO have quiet time, how do you accomplish as much as humanly possible?


Know exactly what you need to work on, and focus specifically on that. If you have pressing projects, this is not the time for randomly researching or reading. It is not the time to browse on to see what cool new stuff they have for the house.

And as much as I hate it, it is not time for Tweeting, chatting on Facebook, or for Pinning!

Close down these apps, and buckle down on the projects you need to focus on.

If you need to write a post, open Evernote and start with the ideas you saved.

If you need to start formulating a project, open your research folder and get busy.

If you are at the coffee shop to work, then WORK!

Using time when your kids are around to gather the info will help you to more effectively use the time you have to do some deep thinking and processing. 

Knowing what to work on when

I think a big key to this is knowing what you CAN accomplish with your kids around, and what needs to wait until naptime, evening when daddy is home, or even for when you may have a sitter. Do the things you can with the kids around, even in little spurts of time you may have throughout the day.

And while you do want to snatch those moments you can, I am not encouraging you to be working ALL the time.

Based upon your child’s schedule, (and they should have at least a framework of a schedule) find the times when you can work, and then set aside times that you put away the laptop and the iPad and the phone, except for necessary calls.

After all, part of the reason for working at home is for BEING with your child.

Do you have difficulty focusing when you DO find bits of time to work?

Tell Your Time


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