making exercise a habit

One of my goals for fitness is to make exercise a habit. Like brushing my teeth or taking a shower. Or even like things I DON’T like to do, like dishes and laundry.

The thing is, with dishes and laundry, the effects are seen very quickly. Try going two days without doing dishes or a week without doing laundry, you and the whole household is affected.

Therein lies one of the major problems with exercise. Its benefits aren’t immediate. And neither are the affects of NOT exercising.

* If you don’t exercise today, you won’t necessarily feel any worse (although you may feel sluggish if you are used to exercising).

* Your arteries probably aren’t clogging up from not exercising today. (although they might be if you ate that Big Mac for lunch!)

* Your heart is probably not getting weaker today, this moment, because you skipped your walk. You can’t feel the difference in your muscles from not exercising today.

And every day, many of us will say:

“I’ll start exercising next week.”

“I don’t want to get up this morning, maybe tomorrow.”

“I am too busy to exercise right now.”

My goal is to make it a non-issue. It is not up for negotiation. It is just done.

Currently, I am walking 20 minutes a day, with 4 – 60 second runs mixed in. That is an increase from 15 minutes last week. And since last week, the only day I did not exercise was Sunday.

Being a part of an accountability group has helped me to stay on track when I wanted to quit. I know there are ladies waiting for my reports. Who exercised today? Who made healthier food choices? Who is drinking their water?

Having support is so key, especially when battling something that is so deeply ingrained in my brain, that exercise is bad.

What about you? Do you exercise every day?

Or on a regular basis throughout the week?

What kinds of workouts do you like to do?