My favorite blogs for busy moms

As a mom of grown kids, how I wish I had had blogs to read when I was a mom of 4 little ones at home! I have found quite a few that I love to read, even though my kids are now grown. I hope that they will be an encouragement to you too!

10 blogs for busy moms

Simple Mom, which includes Simple Homemade, Simple Bites, Simple Homeschooling, and Simple Kids

Life Your Way, which has over 10 channels from motherhood to finances to organization

(in) Courage A great encouraging site for Christian women

Inspired to Action  Encouraging moms in their most important position and holding them accountable!

Small Notebook  Rachel blogs about her little family, her simplicity in life, her simple ways of organizing

I’m an Organizing Junkie  Laura and I are cut out of the same cloth! She loves organizing and loves anything to do with organizing, including The Container Store and Ikea!

30 Second Mom Is a easy site full of quick tips for moms, broken down in categories. There are also apps for droid and apple so you can read mom tips on the go! I am honored to be one of the 30 Second Moms!

Peace and Projects  Melissa is an aspiring writer who has a simple blog on life and projects and productivity, and more.

Home Ec 101  Heather Solos is a chemist turned homemaker who wanted to share all that she was learning about homemaking with others who never learned!

Untrained Housewife  Angela England is a modern day renaissance woman. She is currently writing a book on Backyard Farming. Her site offers lots of useful tips.

A bonus! The Stressed Mom I provide helpful, every day tips and resources to help you manage your family, your home, your life!

 Do you have any that you would like to add to the list? 

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  • All the sites mentioned are FABULOUS!! I’d like to invite you to visit my site: Dr. Mommy Online also known as Dr. Mommy and Friends…where we have a wonderful group of busy women share their wisdom in many categories:) I hope you’ll stop by and say hi:)

  • Great links for all my mom friends. Thanks for the recommends as they will be well used.

  • Thanks for compiling this list. I will keep it for the young moms I know. Bless you.

  • Great list – I love to find new blogs to read!

  • We read many of the same blogs! 🙂 I see about 7 out of the 10 that are a regular stop for me as well.

    Came your way via pinterest – look forward to poking around as I’m sure we’ll have a lot in common given our similar reading list!

    Cheers & Happy Organizing!


  • Hi!
    I love your page sharing your favorite sites.
    However, was no longer there and the website page is available to purchase. Just letting you know if you want to update your links.
    With my experience with Mom sites, it is rare that I find one that is no longer available. Us Mom’s Rock!

    • Bernice

      Thank you Julia! As it turns out I had it incorrect. I hate that it has been that way all this time! It is and I have corrected the link in the post above. 🙂

  • Yep – Jen Hatmaker’s blog. She’s a crack up and she really tells it like it is. Laughter’s the best medicine sometimes when we’re really feeling the stress!

  • Thank you SOOO much for listing those! I have read a couple but now have more to add to the list! It’s amazing the information we can get today! I love being able to feel “normal” sometimes when we feel crazy haha and being inspired by other AWESOME mamas!!:)