Reducing clutter to reduce stress

In our busy world, we have too much.

Too much of a lot of things.

Too much to think about.

Too much to do.

Too many belongings to keep up with.

Too many belongings to maintain.

To reduce your stress level, to truly simplify your life, you need to reduce the amount of clutter in your life.

Reducing your belongings

reducing clutter to reduce stress

Start with attacking unnecessary stuff in your main living area. Use a trash bag, liberally. Work quickly. The faster you work, the easier it becomes. If you start having to deliberate, it slows the process down.

Once you do this main space, work on the next spot in your house that is very lived in. Maybe your kitchen?

If you spend a lot of time in the car, shuttling kids around, reduce the clutter in your vehicle. Get some containers to contain toys, sporting goods, snacks, etc.

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Cutting back on activities

Take an inventory of your activities. Make a list on paper of all the outside of the house activities you are involved in. Also list things that require your time at home.

Put a line through ones you can eliminate. Put a star beside the 2 or 3 that are very important to you.

Start implementing those changes immediately!

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Lightening your mental load

Probably the heaviest burden we carry is the one in our mind. It is also one of the most difficult to rid yourself of.  It takes much practice to learn to quiet your mind.

One thing to help release some of the weight is to write. Sit down and write a list of everything that is troubling you, and that is weighing on your mind.

Engaging in meditation, prayer and even yoga can help you learn to quiet your mind.

Spending time by yourself, in nature if possible, can also be helpful. I enjoy sitting by a babbling brook.

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What ways have you found to reduce your clutter and simplify your life?


7 comments to Reducing clutter to reduce stress

  • I am really working hard to reduce the clutter at my house. I have several bags ready to go to goodwill, and then I did a big care package mailing to about 15 people the other weekend. It was fun to send some surprise goodies to family and friends.

  • Everyday! You just speak into my life! I’m going to go get the trash bag & get a hold on my “living area” first, then to the other rooms! This is a struggle I have had for years and years! Thanks Bernice.

  • Michelle

    Another tip – MOVE. If you move, all this will automatically be taken care of for you. I just moved a 2,000 square foot house and took TWO car loads of “stuff” to Goodwill.
    Plus, I gave away stuff on CraigsList. You don’t ALWAYS have to sell your things. Trust me, you think its worth more money that it actually is, anyway. I gave away an old corner desk
    on CraigsList and the lady who picked it up couldn’t thank me enough for it. It felt good knowing I really made her day!!

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  • Fantastic post and wonderful ideas to declutter and reduce stress! I absolutely agree with all of the above and I find that having too many physical, mental and emotional attachments wears me out.

    Clearing out my physical space means I spend less time cleaning, moving, handling all that extra stuff!

    A great time management stragegy I use is focusing on what’s important to me. Wasting time on mindless activities, such as channel surfing, means I feel rushed and impatient when I have the opportunity to do the activities I really do enjoy, like spending time with my family.

    I also clear my heart, body & mind by taking a 15 minute walk daily, going 10 minutes of yoga before bed and blogging, of course!

    Thanks for sharing these great tips. It’s a lovely reminder to spend my time and energy on the things that matter to me and get rid of anything that doesn’t matter.


  • Heather

    I am so thankful I found your blog! I am an overwhealmed mom of 3 very active kids and I am really excited to start implementing some of your super helpful tips!