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Rachel Meeks, author of this book, is a delightful blogger! I love her Small Notebook blog where she talks about the more simple things in life. And one thing she has simplified is her blogging process. Click for more details on Simple Blogging.






This ebook was authored by Darren Rouse, otherwise known as ProBlogger. This First Week of Blogging is a great way to get a blog off the ground. Click for more details on Your First Week of Blogging.







I came across this book and thought, “What an awesome resource!” It is to help you decide when and how you may need help with your blog. It also will help you if you want to BECOME an assistant to a blogger. Great book, click here for more details on how to order Hire Blog Help.



Eli Rose Social Media, LLC offers social media consulting and marketing services for small businesseshandmade shops and bloggers who want to take their sites to the next level. We specialize in guiding you through developing both short and long term marketing and social media strategies.

The ones I wanted to share are their assessment services. They offer a really awesome deal.  Click for details on their services.