How to market and sell your ebook

From the author, Sarah Mae:

Here’s the deal, I’m just an everyday person who found success with ePublishing. My goal with this eBook is to share with you what I’ve learned  in the process of creating and selling an eBook. I know you can earn a full-time income as an eBook writer if you offer people what they need in a way that has not been delivered to them yet. You need to fill a gap…then you need to know how to get your idea past your own sphere of influence. That’s what this eBook is about – communicating your passion to others in a new way, and then getting your ideas to the world.

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“I love that Sarah Mae has written this eBook.  She’s taken what she knows and what she’s learned from making31 Days to Clean so successful, and she’s going to teach you how to do the same thing.  We know that her advice and strategies in this eBook work, because she’s already lived it with the success of 31 Days to Clean.”

Mack Collier,


What you will find in this book:

Quick F.A.Q (for those who have doubts)

My Story and How This Book Can Help You

SECTION 1 – Think Big – Why Should Print Books Have All the Fun?

The Million Dollar Woman

Redefine What You Know


SECTION 2 – Content and Community

The Stuff Your eBook is Made of

What Makes You Stand Out

Be Heard – Your Platform

Create a Tribe – Your Community


SECTION 3 – The Details

Upfront Costs

Save on Upfront Costs By Finding a Sponsor

The Importance of a Name

Price It Right (or Price It to Sell)

Where to Publish Your eBook


SECTION 4 –Your Step-by-Step Marketing Strategy

Step One – Brand Your eBook

Step Two – Harness the Power of Amazon

Step Three – Ask for Help

Step Four – Build Buzz

Step Five – Have a Spectacular Launch


SECTION 5 – Extras

eBook Stats

More Reader Questions

Social Media Guide for Newbies

The Cliff Notes Version of Marketing and Selling an eBook