One Bite at a Time- ebook

Sometimes, simplifying can feel… complicated. Isn’t that weird? We make “living simply” such an ordeal. We think of all those things we know to do, and we try to start them all at once. And then we get overwhelmed, and then we fail. And then we think we can’t do this “simple living” thing.

That is where One Bite at a Time, 52 ways to make life simpler, comes in. With 52 simple projects that will help simplify your life, this is a great investment in your life and your sanity!

52 projects for living simpler, for you to tackle at your own pace. There’s no timeline, and you can start right in the middle, wherever your heart desires.

For $5, you can instantly download this e-book, and then print it (there’s lots of room for you to take notes), or simply read it on your computer monitor. It’s 169 pages, chock full of do-able projects.

Head here to check out the full list of 52 projects, and to download Project 5: Start Menu Planning for free.

ONLY $4.99