Simplify- 7 Principles to Help Declutter Your Home and Your Life

Three years ago, this typical family of four living in the suburbs made the decision to minimize their possessions, declutter their home, and simplify their life. Since then, we have inspired hundreds of thousands to live more by owning less and find greater simplicity in life.And now, to help you experience the same freedom, we offer the most important lessons we have learned through the process in our e-book: Simplify: 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life.

It is full of personal stories, practical tips, and powerful inspiration.

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  • “Must-read.” – Leo Babauta at Zen Habits
  • “It is a simple, straightforward guide to simplifying your life and brings new light to the term minimalist.” – Tanna at Complete Organizing Solutions
  • “One of the best minimalist books I have read in a long time… One of the most important aspects of this book for me is that it’s written from a family perspective. There aren’t many minimalist books like that and I can only be happy that thanks to Joshua we finally have one.” – Pawel atMinimalist Business
  • “This is a great book! It explains in plain language the joys and benefits of clutter-free living and gives tips you can put into practice to achieve this.” – Uri at Minimal
  • “Joshua has redefined minimalism…” – Mrs. Green at Little Green Blog
  • “This e-book is an easy, quick read, and it flows nicely. It has some interesting differences from other decluttering books I have read, and presents the information in an accessible way.” -LJ at Simple Productivity
  • “…demystifies going minimal and makes it accessible to a whole new audience.”  -Karo at The Aspirant Sutra
  • “If you’re looking for specific advice on how to live well with less, his book is worth a look.” -Naomi at The Times Union


Download Simplify. 7 Guidelines to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life.

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