Simplify your child’s wardrobe

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How many mornings are spent with a child frantically searching for his “favorite” shirt or her “princess” sandals? How many times are there tears when you are trying to make it out the door?

Or maybe you are trying to dress your preschooler because you are running behind and can’t seem to find anything that matches.

Do you keep pulling out things with stains or holes? Good for playing in the yard maybe, but not school or daycare.

Are you looking for a simple t-shirt yet you keep pulling out winter sweaters?


When you are trying to get a family out the door in the mornings, mom needs to be able to empower her family to get dressed on their own. With this post, I hope to show you how to do so.

Assessing the current wardrobe

What do you have to work with?

1. Pull all your child’s clothes out of her closet and drawers. Sort into two piles:

(1) things that you and they love and they FIT and

(2) a donate pile. If your child will never wear pink, don’t hang onto that cute pink dress, now matter how cheap it was.

2 . Be realistic about repairs you “need” to make. Will you REALLY make them?

3. Make a list of what you have. Don’t forget shoes, socks and hair accessories.

4. Make outfits out of what you have. When you complete this, you are sure to have some unattached items, pieces with nothing to match. Create a list of pieces you could use to fill in the gaps.

For instance, if your 5 year old daughter has a really cute pair of pink jeans, but just has one shirt to go with it, add a patterned pink shirt to pair up with the jeans (bottoms can pair with more than one top, actually, they NEED to).

By clearing the closet of everything that is not a favorite, it becomes much easier to choose outfits for school. At the very least, I suggest picking out clothes the night before, after getting a bath and while getting ready for bed. Pick out all the way down to shoes, socks and hairbows.

A great tool my oldest daughter used for her children is a day of the week closet organizer. The kids were to plan on Sunday evening what to wear for the week. Mom would check the weather for crazy abnormalities and let the kids know what to expect. This cut down on a lot of whining or stalling in the mornings and was a lifesaver for a mom of 6!


Have you gone through your kids clothes at the beginning of this school year?

Don’t miss the next post where we discuss “Just how many clothes does your child need?”

3 comments to Simplify your child’s wardrobe

  • Great post! I typically start the school year with the great closet cleanout for LittleGirl. You’ve reminded me it’s time to do that again. Think I know what we’ll be doing this rainy afternoon. 🙂 Though we don’t have the shelf organizer, I do have LittleGirl set out what she’s wearing the night before. Saves a tremendous amount of time in the mornings, and keeps arguments (You can’t wear that! Why not? Because it’s 50° outside!) at a minimum. LOL

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