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By the time many moms find this site, they are at their wit’s end. This may be you. You don’t know WHERE to start. You don’t have a CLUE which direction to head, as it ALL seems so overwhelming.

First of all I want you to breathe. And then accept this virtual {{{HUG}}}. It’s gonna be okay. Many moms have been where you are, and I promise, they survived. Maybe a few battles scars along the way, but they survived, and you will too.

If you are struggling with depression and burnout:

Visit my other site and read some of the posts below. If not, you can skip to the next section.

Depression is NOT being sad

 Depression is a sneaky little liar

For when you feel overwhelmed

10 steps to avoid a mental breakdown

And if you have lots more time to read: 9 posts for the overwhelmed and overworked

If you have had a baby within the last 18 months and think you may be depressed, check out Postpartum Progress as well. An amazing support site for those struggling with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety.

Not depressed but no idea where to start?

Take a look and see which of these would make a BIG difference in your life right now:

The ever-present mess

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10 steps to clean your house fast

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Teaching kids to do their fair share around the house 

How to get more done in a day

This post, 10 habits for a well-run home, is my most popular post. It has over 22k Facebook shares and has been viewed over 2 million times since published in April, 2012. Don’t let the title or the post intimidate you. It is meant to be a goal to strive for, taking baby steps along the way!

Stressed Mom Resources

I also carry a wide variety of resources to help stressed moms in different areas of your life. When you are ready to move forward, you can check those out at my Stressed Mom Resource Center.

I am glad to have you visit my site, and hope you find some relief for you stress! If you want to know more about me, click here.

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