I get that life is busy. 

And I get that our children (and spouses and coworkers and parents) can interrupt our busy lives.

I encourage you to STOP and remember that your children, your spouse, you family are what’s important. And yes, your job is high up there too.

When you ARE interrupted, STOP what you are doing, LOOK them in the eye, and LISTEN to what they are saying.

Be sure to look into their eyes, get down on their level if you can.

Try your best to not interrupt them. Children, especially, are so full of excitement when they have something to share. Let them bask in their excitement without you shooting them down.

If you absolutely do not have time to listen at the current moment, tell them how much you want to hear what they have to say and that you will be glad to listen after your phone call, or you finish a report, or dinner is done. Give them a time when they know they can tell you what is important to them.

When thinking this through, think about what is going to be important in 1 year.

In 5 years. In 10.

If you want your child to talk to you when they are 15, you better listen when they are 5.