While sitting at dinner last week with a few women from our ladies group from church, our conversation flowed from methods of birth control, to being on the Dr. Oz show (one in the group was this past Friday, not aired yet!), to chocolate, to teaching little boys to hit the hole while peeing. There were a lot more turns of the conversation, and we sure enjoyed ourselves!

Since it has been a while since I potty trained a boy, (my son is almost 22 and my grandson that I potty trained is 12) it was funny to relive some of the stories that my friends were sharing. Of course, others of us told those moms of younger boys that men never really do learn to aim well, but that’s a whole other post, lol!

Toilet Targets

One of the ladies shared that she used Fruit Loops. They were brightly colored and floated well in the toilet. Below are her exact words:

“Hit the cereal while you are tee-teeing and you can eat them afterwards.”

We all sat silently for a second and then busted out laughing! She said, “FROM THE BOX!”

We knew she didn’t mean from the toilet, but it sure sounded like what she said!

If you are having difficulty getting your little (or bigger) boy to hit the water, give the Fruit Loops a try! If you want some other fun and different ways to encourage “hitting the target” check out these product options below:

What other potty training tricks have you tried?