Ten of the many ways bloggers earn money: Part 1

When I tell people I have an online publishing company, they stare blankly at me. So then I explain, “I’m a blogger.” And inevitably they ask, “You can actually make money doing that? Man, I should start a blog.”

I very quickly tell them it is NOT a get-rich-deal, that it takes a lot of time, work and sheer determination. I tell them I have been learning and working at it for 2 and a half years. I don’t want to discourage them, but I don’t want to mislead them either.

Since people always want to know, bloggers and and non-bloggers alike, how DO bloggers make money, I thought I would share some of the more popular ways that we can make money. This list is by no means exhaustive and different niches of blogs may use other techniques.

 How DO Bloggers make money?

1. Google Adsense A lot of the ads that you see on blogs and websites today are from Google Adsense. This has actually been my best money maker so far. It is also mostly a pay-per-click, although you can earn small amounts from page impressions. I love the analytics that Google provides for you as well.

One issue I have with Adsense, but have just learned to live with, is that you really cannot predict how much your clicks are worth. It all has to do with their algorithms and how much companies are willing to pay per click based upon your traffic. When people ask me how much I earn with Adsense, all I can usually say is it averages out to around a $1 per click, that is, every time a reader clicks on a Google ad on my page. That is based upon my traffic, and your mileage may vary. It does take quite a bit of traffic to earn with Adsense, but it can build and grow.

All that being said, if you see an ad on my site that intrigues you or is applicable to you, consider clicking through. I might earn a penny or two! And while I appreciate any support you can give, do NOT try to be helpful by clicking on ads continuously or multiples times daily, as Google sees all, and my account would be flagged for misuse.

2. Sponsored posts- This is when a blogger agrees to write a post about a certain product or service, and gets paid a fee to do so. The blogger typically gets the product or service free as well. While it can be much more for larger companies and more detailed campaigns, a sponsored post typically pays between $30-50. So far, I have chosen not to pursue sponsored posts, but I have lots of blogger friends who do so. Here is an example of one done by my daughter over at The Bizy Mommy: Giftbirdy, a cool new registry site for kids

3. Product Reviews- Most bloggers who do reviews are not paid for their blog post. They are typically sent a product for free and agree to write about it. Some of the larger bloggers are now only accepting reviews from companies who agree to pay for the review post. As more and more bloggers hold their ground, being paid for a review will become more the norm (hopefully!)

4. Direct advertising- This is when you are in direct contact with a company and they pay for ad space on your blog. This may be similar to a sponsor, as many times a relevant company will become a sponsor (pay a monthly fee), to have space on your blog.

5. Ad networks- Once you reach a certain point with your blog, you can apply to join ad networks such as: Blogher or Federated Media. These are typically a pay-per-click, meaning if someone clicks on an ad that has been placed on your site, you earn a small amount. Although I don’t currently utilize these, it is something I am planning to do in the near future.

There you have 5 of the ways bloggers can earn money. Watch for the next post this week, giving you 5 more ways to earn!


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