Everyone is always looking for a magic bullet, and special pill, a trick to help them with whatever issue is bothering them. And when it comes to organizing , it is no different. We all would like an easy peazy way out.

Well, I don’t have a magic bullet or special pill, and I can’t twinkle my nose to clean up your clutter, but I can offer you THE best ever organizational tool, and you probably already have it in your house.

Are you ready?

Do you want to know?


A plastic garbage bag. Preferably a 13 gallon garbage bag. I prefer the drawstring type so I can easily tie them shut. The larger bags can hold more, but can become heavy, so I prefer the 13 gallon.

You say, okay, what is so special about a garbage bag?

Clutter and disorganization stems from 2 main issues.

One is having too much stuff, much of which is not used or useful.

And the second is not having a home or system for putting things in place.

The garbage bags can help you with the first problem of clutter, too much stuff!

_ Pick an area to begin in. Maybe the one that is driving you the batty-est. Or the spot that would make the biggest difference to you once it is cleaned.

_ Get your handy- dandy garbage bag, best if you can put it in a can so you don’t have to hold it. Start going through the stuff very quickly. Make quick decisions, and grab the stuff that is trash, put it in the bag. One key part of this the speed, do it quickly.

_ Depending on what you are going through, you can have additional bags for stuff to give away, and maybe stuff to sell.

_ One key factor to organizing is this- you can’t organize clutter. So using the garbage bags to rid yourself of things that you don’t need and don’t belong will help you to remove the extraneous clutter, will help you move a step closer to organization.

_ If you have things you believe you need to keep, but are not in the right place, put them in a bag as well.  You can deal with them later. For now, speed is the key.

Grab your trashbags!


What room are you going to attack first?