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What NOT to do when cooking turkey

1. Although this way sounds good at first, you might wanna lay off the wine until the meal is done 🙂

cook a turkey

2. Don’t ever try to cook a turkey that is frozen, you have to thaw it safely first! 2 Sisters share How to safely thaw a turkey

3. Allow enough time. Some of you may remember Kenan and Kel trying to speed up cooking a turkey…

Now, if you really DO want to know how to cook a turkey, I have some great links below:

5 tips for cooking the best turkey

1. I don’t have to provide turkey for our family Thanksgiving, however I usually cook one for ourselves since they are such a good price. I did not learn to cook while young, it took me years of trial and error. As far as a turkey goes, it is hard to mess it up by cooking in a bag. You can buy them at the grocery store, very easy to do, and turns outs great every time.

My personal tip for cooking in a bag: put the turkey in BREAST SIDE DOWN. Cook majority of the time like this, but for the last 20-30 minutes, carefully flip the bag and the turkey so that the top can get browned. Cooking upside down allows the juices to settle in the breasts, which tends to be the dryest part, and nobody likes a dry turkey!

If you prefer a more traditional roasted turkey, here are the top links for helping you have the best turkey ever:

2. How to cook a turkey, the most easy, simplest method

3. Allrecipes has a great page on cooking a turkey

4. Mom’s roast turkey

5. About.com always has great info Cooking turkey for chickens

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