Mom, what's for dinner? --

I have been cooking for my family for just over 30 years, and I don’t know about you, but sometimes my brain just gets stuck in a rut and I can’t think of anything to fix for dinner. When I think back to what I cooked over the 30 years, there are only a handful of dishes that I can recall.

If I am in a pinch, I can look back at my post 10 easy meals for busy nights but those can get old real quick!

Meal Planning Resources

When I need some inspiration, or when I just need someone to tell me what to cook, I use one or more of the tanning beds resources below:

If you are looking for something to help you organize everything pertaining to feeding your family, Plan to Eat service has a lot to offer. It is a paid service, only $4.95 a month (*affiliate link), but it gives you a drag and drop calendar (similar to Google calendar) hundreds of recipes, plus you can up load your own. The greatest thing about it? Plan to Eat then takes your meal plan and creates a shopping list for you!

There is even mobile access! And the awesome thing is they offer a 30 day free trial, so you can try it and see how it works for YOUR family. Click here to get more info and start your trial!

My friend Laura over at I’m an Organizing Junkie has a weekly link-up called, OrgJunkie’s Meal Plan Monday click here to see every Monday’s link-up. There are usually close to 200 readers who link up their meal plans. Many are specific, such as diabetic, gluten-free, natural foods, etc.  She also has a great recipes database.

All Recipes – A great resource for a recipe you may have had before, but don’t know what it was specifically called. If you know a few of the ingredients, you can do an ingredient search (upper middle of the screen).  There are LOTS of recipes on file here! A free service but quite a few ads!

My Fridge Food– What’s in your fridge? I just recently came across this site that is free, and much less advertisement. You can click what items you have in your fridge and it will give you suggestions of what you could fix for dinner. I have tried it once or twice and it came up with some pretty good ideas!

I just have to tell you about my most recent discovery as a resource for meal ideas! PINTEREST! I have gotten lots of great recipes from there. Just a word of warning: if you are dieting it is an awful form of torture looking at all those goodies!

There is an entire category for Food and Drink. If you would like to see my food boards, follow me on Pinterest. I recently reorganized my food boards!

EDITED: I am a Pinterest junkie and now have a board on Pinterest called Easy Meals for Busy Folks!

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