Now I know that bacon is one of those things we shouldn’t necessarily eat all the time, but bacon is an awesome and wonderful food and I think it is quite all right for a weekend breakfast or an occasional treat.

easiest way to cook bacon

When I married my new husband earlier this year, he was surprised that I cooked my bacon, of all places, in the oven. He had been the cook in their home for years, but always cooked bacon on the stove top in a skillet.

I, however, have cooked bacon in the oven as long as I can remember. I don’t remember where I learned to do so, or even exactly why, but it saved my sanity over the years.

You see, my sweet hubby only had 2 children, 16 years apart, so he was only ever cooking for 2 or 3. I on the other hand, had 4 children, and eventually added in 3 grandkids who lived with us for almost 3 years. If I had tried to cook bacon on the stovetop along with the rest of the meal, we would’ve never had breakfast on time.

The biggest benefit to cooking bacon in the oven? 

Put it in and let it cook. It allows you to let it cook almost unattended so you are able to prepare the rest of your meal with room on the stove top as well as without the worry of constantly having to turn it.

The second great benefit to cooking bacon in the oven? 

The clean up is easier, especially if you choose to put foil or parchment paper in your pan first (I don’t bother). AND you don’t have all the grease splatters all over the stovetop to clean up as well.

How to cook bacon in the oven

bacon in the oven1


* Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

* Line cookie sheets if you’d like, I don’t worry about it. My stonewear cleans very easily.

* Lay bacon on pans. The picture above doesn’t overlap, but I do. I like to be able to squeeze a one pound package on one pan.

* Place in oven. Take a peek after 10 minutes. If you did overlap, you should now be able to spread out more.

* You will want to remove JUST before it is done as the grease will continue cooking. Many times some pieces are done before others due to heat irregularities in your oven, so keep an eye on it as it begins to look done.

* Remove pieces as they are done and place on a paper towel covered plate or platter.

Note: You will find the pieces are flatter and more uniform than when cooked on the stove top. 

My daughter bought me a new gadget for Christmas. I have yet to try it out, but need to! Since there are only 2 in my household now, I think this might work just fine!

bacon wave