The mom's battle for fitness

We see lots of skinny women in the media, and we see celebrity moms who look great within weeks after giving birth (Beyonce!)

And then we look at ourselves, and wonder how can we ever get anywhere CLOSE to that? (remember though, celebrities have nannies, chefs and personal trainers at their disposal!)

We are already busy, every minute of our waking (and not-so-awake) hours filled with taking care of everything and everyone around us.

And therein lies a part of the problem. See you are busy taking care of everyone else, but you forgot to put yourself on your to-do list. And our bodies and minds will rebel eventually, with a draggy saggy body and a burned out mind.

I have tried for years to get in shape, not to be some mega-athlete, but to just have the energy to get through my day. I know that many moms are the same way.

I have started my battle once again, and I am determined to win this time!

Overcoming Obstacles

The biggest battle I have had to fight in getting started again is finding the obstacles that keep me from working out. Each woman will have her own, but here are a few of mine.

It will take too long. In my mind, if I were to work out, it would take me an hour to 1.5 hours each workout, from start to finish. What I have convinced myself is that for now, all I need to do is 15 minutes a day. Will I look like Jillian Michaels on 15 minutes a day? No, but my energy and stamina will increase and I will be in the habit of working out. Then it will become easier to add 5 minutes on every few weeks.

I don’t have the right clothes to workout in, or I’d have to change clothes. Remember, I am talking about a 15 minute walk/jog on the treadmill. A t-shirt and comfy jeans are fine. When I get out of bed in the morning, I get dressed to the tennis shoes in something I can work out in. Of course, as I build my workouts and intensify them, I may have to start dressing out, but for now, the important thing is removing the obstacles and building the habit of moving every day.

I’ll get all stinky and need a shower. Yea, I know this can be gross, but in reality, a 15 minute walk isn’t going to be that nasty. When you are done, grab a washcloth, a clean shirt and some deodorant and you’ll be fine. Again, removing the obstacles.

I know some moms that will need to leave the house to be able to workout. If you need to go to a park or a gym to get it done, then do it.

Or, you may have to work around the baby’s nap schedule. Before you jump on your laptop to work while baby is asleep, do a 15 minute workout program. There are TONS available online for download.

A friend of mine knows she needs to get out of the house and knows she needs to tie it to an activity to make it happen. Her plan is to put her kids on the bus and then drive to the local Curves to do her 30 minute workout.

The important thing is to find what will work for YOU.